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Master in Design and Art Direction

Develop your creativity and dominate all kinds of languages, mediums and channels. The Master in Art Design and Direction will provide you with the capacity to lead the aesthetic strategy of any project, taking a direct approach to the unification of corporate messages with creativity and sensitivity.

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At a time when ideas are transmitted primarily through images, art directors are becoming fundamental agents in the production of messages and communicative contexts.

Art direction is a profession with broad and specific specialisations that is taking on an increasingly relevant role in the different creative industries. Art directors require in-depth knowledge of the nature and expressive resources of languages, including the written word, photography, video, objects and interaction. They do not only interpret strategic proposals, but also manage development, production, field work and creation.

The Master in Art Design and Direction approaches this world from a three-fold perspective defined by the following principles: experience, experimentation and expression. The programme is strongly disruptive in its approach to identifying, questioning and destroying conventionalisms in the world of design and creativity.

Combining theory with practical work, you will develop a generative creative process and explore the interdisciplinarity of languages and creative forms, preparing yourself to become more creative, versatile, daring, critical and competitive in this professional setting.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students with degrees in Design, Communication, Advertising or Fine Arts. Professional profiles related to the world of creativity and expression (photography, art, fashion and illustration), professionals with proven experience in architecture, psychology or journalism. In these cases, prospective students are required to provide a professional portfolio in the creative arena.

At Elisava you can take master and postgraduate courses of different degrees of specialisation that combine theoretical knowledge, reflection, experimentation, and practical projects. Find the design master you are looking for.

Study a Master’s Degree in Art Direction

If you want to study art direction and art direction courses in Barcelona, this programme has a strong focus on disruption and its basic premises include identifying, questioning and destroying conventionalisms in the world of design and creativity. For this reason, in this art direction course we focus on the extremes of the artistic spectrum, in terms of both analogue and handcraft and CGI and virtuality. The Master’s Degree in Art Direction programme looks to explore specific genres and styles like horror, documentaries and eroticism. This Master in Art Direction understands innovation as an area that does not only belong to the digital revolution and seeks to strengthen its experimental character, combining formats and codes consciously and in unexpected ways, in the search for new outcomes.

At the contextual level, the programme focuses on a metamodernist space and time, in which processes and narrative and deconstructive discourses coexist in a way that leads to remix and intertextuality. Under the premise of exploring alternative categories of beauty, this Master in Art Direction will look at oriental and Nordic aesthetics.

Under the premise of enabling the Art Director to approach production, we will work on the research and development of independent projects, which help participants to define and strengthen their aesthetics and personal brands. The Master in Art Direction will also focus on working in groups, with projects developed as a team, in which the group must work together, its members complementing one another’s skills, in order to achieve their goals.

The final project of this Master in Art Direction will enter the world of fashion and film, in which films will be developed that are capable of challenging and exploring the basics of this category and offering a fresh, authentic and ground-breaking vision.

Get your academic training through a Master’s Degree in Art Direction

Thinking creatively, having a great capacity for analysis or easily grasping the details that surround us are necessary skills for any professional who wishes to specialize in art direction. These qualities, added to the specialization of our master’s program, will make our students future art directors. In addition, our master’s degree in art direction gives students the ability to conceptualize and direct aesthetic strategy.

If you have these skills or want to develop your skills in the field of design and communication, we invite you to discover our master’s degree in art direction in Barcelona.

Study art direction in Barcelona

Studying art direction is an option for the future at a time like the present. The growing demand for professionals with a broad vision of the world of design and communication makes evident the vitality of the sector and the need to adopt a strategic vision.

There are many places to study art direction, but no scenario can offer the facilities and experiences of a cosmopolitan city, open and adapted to change as Barcelona.

If you are thinking about studying abroad, you can study a Master in Art Direction in Europe. Barcelona is a city with an open spirit that offers its inhabitants a great quality of life. Its excellent educational and recreational offer; your safety, the efficiency of your transportation and health services; and an attractive climate that invites you to enjoy the life of the city has made it one of the most requested European cities. For these and many other reasons, if you want to study a Master in Art Direction in Spain, Barcelona is the best option for you.

For all these reasons, studying art direction in Barcelona is a clear choice. Our city is today an important center of cultural activity, in which the sector is experiencing one of its best moments.


  • Learning to think strategically in the fields of communication and design.
  • Understanding the key role of strategic communication for companies, institutions and brands in general.
  • Learning to design a global and multi-channel strategic action.
  • Undertaking projects in real contexts, reflecting on changes and trends in the new media reality (paid, owned, earned)
  • Enhancing creative aptitudes and the ability to make transitions between languages, thereby offering added value in a constantly changing market.
  • Encouraging immersion in audiovisual culture, promoting multidisciplinarity and interrelations regarding languages and creative platforms.
  • Expanding knowledge regarding the fundamentals of neurological and social communication.
  • Establishing different lines of theoretical and practical work to create persuasive audiovisual messages.


Master in Design and Art Direction programme

1 Communication and context

Main theoretical concepts for the analysis and proposal of creative solutions with a particular focus on neurobiological activations.

1.1 Neurobiology of communication
1.2 Theories of communication
1.3 Presentations

2 Analysis and strategy

Tools for planning and generating campaigns through comprehensive marketing methodologies and practical exercises from a 360°, global and multi-channel perspective.

2.1 Analysis and strategy
2.2 Value proposition, concept and expression
2.3 Transmedia strategy
2.4 Chart
2.5 Media panorama

3 Languages, mediums and channels

Languages, mediums and channels for innovative and disruptive communication.

3.1 From Madison to Pinterest
3.2 Radio Moritz
3.3 Networks and formats

4 Professional context and art direction

Fundamentals of art direction and related theories, as well as typologies, functions, resources, action areas and professional contexts.

4.1 The origin of the cool aesthetic
4.2 The art director in different contexts
4.3 Creative research

5 ​Inspiration and audiovisual culture

Immersion in the visual culture, which constitutes the raw material for formalising aesthetic solutions based on the sum of languages.

5.1 Imagery and trends
5.2 Aesthetic categories
5.3 Decades
5.4 Images from the 20th and 21st centuries
5.5 Script and storyboard
5.6 Scenography costume and mise-en-scène

6 Resources and creative and project methodology

Methodologies to conceptualise and create visual universes and aesthetic strategies.

6.1 Storytelling
6.2 Cocotrans (Copy, Combine and Transform)
6.3 Sequential storytelling
6.4 Visual (audio) storytelling
6.5 The word
6.6 DDDD Method
6.7 A team

7 A project is a journey

Final Master Project on a communication strategy with its different phases (from the research phase to presentation).

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