Master in Creativity and Design Leadership 

The Master in Creativity and Design Leadership brings together leadership, design and creativity in an integrated way to grow your leadership skills and your capacity to drive results in the creative sector. This master is delivered in hybrid mode in Madrid.

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The Master in Creativity and Design leadership invites you on a transformative journey where you’ll develop nuanced self-awareness as a leader and gain the skills needed to navigate the complex and important intersection of creativity, design, and leadership. Recognizing that creativity, design and leadership fuel change and innovation across industries, the master draws on a variety of bodies of knowledge around how creativity and design approaches can be understood, developed, and applied.

Modern forms of leadership, such as adaptive leadership, complexity leadership and creative leadership framework, are seen as keys to unlock the potential in people and today’s organisations as to solve problems and co-create new futures. But this is not just a program about creativity, design, and leadership, it is a journey of self-discovery and capacity building, where you examine your own attitudes, knowledge and skills, and further qualities to transform your career and worldview.

We believe that creativity, design, and leadership intricately weave the fabric of the creative industries and, consequently, the world. Our curriculum nurtures your ability to lead, inspires creative thinking, and sharpens your design skills. The resulting synergy equips you to lead with vision, navigate complexity, and drive results in the ever-evolving global creative landscape.


  • To foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills in students, preparing them to innovate in various creative industries.
  • To equip students with a deep understanding of design principles and user-centered design.
  • To develop leadership skills, including effective communication, decision-making, and team management.
  • To promote ethical and sustainable design practices, making graduates responsible stewards of the environment.
  • To cultivate a global perspective, enabling students to work in international creative markets.
  • To prepare students for leadership in the digital age, where technology is transforming creative industries.
  • To help students assess and develop their personal leadership style and capabilities.
  • To provide hands-on experience through a capstone project, allowing students to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges.
  • To foster collaboration with industry professionals, ensuring students are exposed to current trends and practical insights.
  • To enable graduates to pursue diverse career paths and make a positive impact on the creative sectors and society at large.

Programme of the Master in Creativity and Design Leadership

1 Creativity, design, and imagination

The fundamental concepts of imagination, creativity, and design in the context of business transformation, society, and sustainability.

2 Leadership development and self-awareness

Personal growth, self-awareness, and leadership development, providing participants with the skills and insights necessary for leading others.

3 Building and leading a creative culture and leading design processes

Strategies and practices to build, lead and nurture a creative culture within an organization.

4 New business design

Insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups within the creative industries, as to embark on entrepreneurial journeys in a variety of industries.

5 Generative leadership and designing for outcomes

From designing a vision to practices for driving change and results in evolving contexts and business challenges.

6 Capstone project and mastering creative and design leadership

Design and carry out an individual or group project centered around a challenge, requiring field work in a business and/or organisational setting.


Professional prospects

Graduates are well positioned for careers in all three sectors of our society, but there is a strong emphasis on the creative industries, stretching from visual arts and crafts, over design to media and software and video games.

Managing and leading creative and design work today requires a well-rounded leadership skillset. How to go about creating the conditions and processes for creativity, design-processes, problem-solving and innovation is widely seen as a leadership responsibility, but also a capacity and expertise that is desired and expected from future leaders.

The examples of possible professions listed below suggest that graduates can pursue careers that suggest management of people as well as certain business functions. Essentially it is about lifting your subject matter expertise, or supplementing it with more managerial knowledge, skills, and attitudes, allowing you to elevate your career according to your specific interests:

  • Creative Direction
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Thinking Consultancy
  • Advertising and Marketing Direction
  • User Experience (UX) Lead
  • Design Education
  • Non-profit Creative Direction
  • Entertainment Industry Production
  • Architectural Design Direction
  • Media Content Direction
  • Sustainability Consultancy
  • Digital Transformation Leader
  • Communication Strategy
  • Innovation Consultancy
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