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Master in Creative Direction and Communication

Explore all the mechanisms and languages of visual and audiovisual communication. With the Master in Creative Direction and Communication, you will enhance your creative talent and you will be trained as a specialist in creativity and new media advertising.

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New media advertising has an important challenge ahead of it: to offer consumers and companies innovative solutions that bring brands closer to everyday life. In the Master in Creative Management and Communication you will learn the keys to persuasive communication, brand strategy and the creative techniques necessary to become a specialist in advertising design.

Through our own method and an experiential process, we train effective communication professionals with a critical and constructive vision. This master’s degree emphasizes the practice of creativity as a transformative and inspiring tool. This specialization allows you to achieve a strategic and global vision of communication and master the skills and functions of creative advertising management.

The student profile of the Master in Creative Management and Communication is that of creative, analytical and critical people with a passion for advertising design and a desire to explore resources such as advertising graphics, spots, branded content and interactive advertising.

Access and admission requirements: It is necessary to have a degree in Design, Communication, Advertising or Fine Arts. We will also value professional profiles from the expressive and creative universe, journalism, architecture, psychology or academia with accredited experience and a professional portfolio in the creative field.

The importance of advertising design

In an era in which it seems that everything in advertising design has been invented, the new specialists in creativity and new media advertising face an important challenge focused on offering consumers and companies creative and innovative solutions that bring brands closer to everyday life.

Today, advertising continues to be one of the keys to the success of a company or organisation. This is why advertising design is an area where there is still a long way to go. The possibilities are endless… Although in different forms, advertising design has been a part of our lives practically since the beginning of mankind. It is therefore a profession with a past and a present, but with a promising future.

Studying creative direction in Barcelona

If you are a creative, analytical, critical and passionate about advertising design person, our Master in Creative Direction and Communication in Barcelona is the specialization you are looking for. Through our master, you will be able to acquire the creative tools to solve the needs of brands and advertisers in a holistic way.

Our Master in Creative Management and Communication aims to transfer theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, to train specialists in brand management and creative communication, capable of adapting to new trends and constant changes in the sector.

If you are interested in this field but still do not know where to study creative management, you should know that Elisava is among the most recognized design schools nationally and internationally. We are backed by our years of experience and the quality of our educational system.


  • Generating innovative ideas of a persuasive nature through creative methods.
  • Explaining creative methods and strategies for developing integrated campaigns.
  • Developing a capacity for analysis and market vision, providing creative aptitude as a differential factor.
  • Including the bases of neurobiological and social communication in persuasive projects.
  • Incorporating strategic planning as a step to define the value proposition, transforming it into a creative concept and developing it into an efficient expression.
  • Integrating the knowledge acquired in a professional praxis from the perspective of design.
  • Developing advertising strategies based on user-centered design research criteria.
  • Identifying the three semi-narrative levels of the canonical story and apply them in the world of persuasive communication.


Master in Creative Direction and Communication programme

1 Communication and context

We will establish the key concepts for the analysis and proposal of creative solutions, highlighting neurobiological activations. In addition, we will know the latest theoretical contributions of communication and its application in the field of organizations and companies.

1.1 Neurobiology of communication
1.2 Theories of communication
1.3 Effective Presentations

2 Communication strategy

You will learn the tools to plan and generate campaigns through comprehensive marketing methodologies and practical exercises. All this from a 360º, global and multi-channel perspective.

2.1 Analysis and strategy
2.2. Value proposition, concept and expression
2.3 Transmedia strategy
2.4 Chart

3 Languages, supports and channels

You will experiment with the communication capabilities of various platforms and media. The objective is to generate innovative and disruptive communication vehicles that achieve public involvement.

3.1 From Madison to Pinterest
3.2 Radio Moritz: from strategy to content
3.3 Networks and formats

4 A project is a journey

You will be able to structure your global project, from the diagnosis to the final solution, developing a communication strategy with its different phases. We will emphasize communication and presentation skills to present proposals to the client.

5 Professional context of creative direction and advertising

Taking the creative direction as a central piece, we will tour the world of advertising and creativity. In this block we will also address learning the processes of an advertising agency.

5.1 Creative direction
5.2 Communication and persuasion
5.3 Creativity and communication skills
5.4 Creativity and market

6 Branding and brand fundamentals

We will analyze the evolution of the brands and we will establish the parameters on which the campaigns are worked, as well as the reception and analysis of the brief. It includes the Creative and Strategic Investigation (CSI) analytical section, where you will explore the basic contents necessary to create advertising messages.

6.1 Branding
6.2 Sensorial experiences
6.3 The word

7 Creative tools and methodologies

In this module, you will learn to master the set of tools with which the creative department works in a projective and disruptive way.

7.1 Disruption and creative leap
7.2 Insight
7.3 Remix
7.4 Rhetorical actions

8 Narrativity and advertising

Brands send advertising messages in the form of a story to connect easily and directly with their audience. Therefore, understanding the theory and practice of storytelling will give you the key tools to generate content and present it to clients and staff.

8.1 Narrative structures
8.2 Treatment and Story
8.3 Animatic

9 Production and campaign

You will put everything you have learned into practice and develop a campaign from the beginning, articulating various creative pieces and placing special emphasis on the audiovisual world and new media.

9.1 Inspirational assets
9.2 Method and tutorials

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