Master in Business Imagination Master in Business Imagination

Master in Business Imagination

The Master in Business Imagination equips aspiring business and design leaders with the creative mindset, innovative thinking, and strategic problem-solving skills essential for driving impactful change and transformation in the business world


The Master in Business Imagination (MBI) offers a transformative, innovative alternative to the traditional MBA by focusing on creativity, design thinking, and holistic problem-solving. In today’s fast-evolving world, MBI cultivates leaders who push beyond conventional boundaries to envision groundbreaking solutions, embrace ethical practices, and address societal and environmental challenges. Graduates are empowered to lead sustainable organizational transformation, tackle complex issues, and shape the future of business with innovative, imaginative strategies.

The program blends design disciplines with applied social sciences to tackle today’s complex challenges, empowering graduates to elevate the problem-solving capabilities of communities, organizations, and businesses. Through immersive studio practices such as ethnographic and anthropological research, ideation, and prototyping, alongside classical research methods, you will cultivate innovative approaches to global business and social challenges.

By combining traditional MBA elements with the creativity of a design school, the program offers a unique experience. You will develop critical design-based skills while gaining nuanced perspectives on organizational management, financial and environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership.

Unlike a conventional MBA, the MBI program encourages a holistic, creative, and socially responsible approach to business leadership, shaping graduates who lead with vision and drive transformative change. This program is ideal for those seeking to harness business as a force for good and innovation worldwide.

Master in Business Imagination


  • Strategic Business Development: Equip students with the skills to identify and exploit sustainable growth opportunities.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: Foster a deep commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.
  • Cultural Transformation: Cultivate leadership skills that inspire a culture of innovation and sustainability within organizations.
  • Global Perspective: Develop a global mindset that enables students to navigate diverse markets and tackle global challenges and opportunities.
  • Innovation for Change: Enhance creative and innovative skills to drive transformation and sustainability.
  • Imagination Leadership: Develop visionary leaders with the ability to imagine and inspire bold, innovative solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Responsible Global Citizenship: Encourage responsible and ethical leadership that considers the societal and environmental impact of business decisions.


Master in Business Imagination programme

1 Creativity, design, and imagination

The fundamental concepts of imagination, creativity, and design in the context of business transformation, society, and sustainability.

Students will dive into the principles of creativity and design, gaining a deep understanding of creative processes, design approaches, and imagination.

2 Global affairs and design

Introduction to the intersection of design and global affairs, particular focus on the complexities of the business landscape and success.

The participants will take a broad view of the global context for business, drivers for change, competition and how design can be applied herein.

3 Business transformation, value creation

Theories and methods to drive meaningful change within organizations, create sustainable value, and make a positive impact on society.

The program will focus on new agendas for business in a contemporary setting and how business can be a force for positive change.

4 New business design

Insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups within the creative industries, as to embark on entrepreneurial journeys in a variety of industries.

Participants will explore innovative business models, entrepreneurship, and strategies for bringing creative ideas to market.

5 Strategies for change and complexity

Design studies, business development, strategy, people and culture, and global studies for complex problem-solving, and strategic adaptability.

Students will explore ways of navigating change and uncertainty, making decisions and solving boundary-spanning and fuzzy problems.

6 Capstone project and mastering business imagination

Design and carry out an individual or group project centered around a challenge, requiring field work in a business and/or organisational setting.

In the final module the participants will bring their learnings together in a capstone project that generates value for them and possible stakeholders.

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Professional prospects

Graduates of the program are well-prepared for dynamic careers in business, sustainability management, innovation, social enterprise, strategic and service design, and entrepreneurship across diverse industries and professional realms.

Working students can leverage their learning to drive innovation within their current organizations as “intrapreneurs” or progress into innovative roles such as chief change officer, chief innovation officer, or lead business development.

The program identifies two primary professional trajectories:

  • Innovation and Business Transformation: Roles such as marketing directors, R&D managers, industrial designers, and product engineers; as well as professionals focused on designing services and multimedia solutions.
  • Integrators of Innovative and Design Processes: Positions such as design managers, design directors, project and product managers, retail and brand managers, and consultants specializing in product-system innovation.

The MBI posits students for several potential careers as (in no particular order):

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Design strategist
  • Innovation lead
  • Brand strategist
  • Business designer
  • Business developer
  • Experience designer
  • Business consultant
  • Consultant
  • Product manager
  • Product marketing manager
  • Manager/leader of NGOs

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