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Master in Branding

The Master in Branding offers you a global vision of the creation and management of brands to help you propose global identity strategies in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Branding is a key element in developing strategies for companies and institutions so they can differentiate themselves from the competition and provide added value to their customers. Whether it is for the public or private sector, proper brand management is essential not only for recognition and positioning, but also to maintain industry leadership.

With the Master in Branding, you’ll gain a strategic vision, you’ll learn theoretical and conceptual tools, and you’ll put the complete branding process into practice: strategy, identity and experience through collaborations with leading organizations, companies and professionals from the world of branding and creative brand management.

The Master in Branding is aimed at professionals with experience in the field of marketing, advertising, design and communication, who want to work on brand strategy, creation and expression.

Access and Admission Requirements: An undergraduate degree in any discipline. Professionals with experience in the fields of branding, marketing, design and communication, as well as people with other postgraduate degrees or undergraduate degrees who want to specialize in brand strategy, creation and expression.

Studying branding in Barcelona

At Elisava we believe that the practice and development of real projects is one of the most important parts of the educational process. That is why we collaborate with entities, companies and outstanding professionals in the world of branding and creative brand management.

Barcelona is a city that facilitates the creation of synergies between the labour and educational sectors, since it has top-level brands. The city represents an important economic engine in which many companies, entities and organizations are nationally and internationally recognized.

Therefore, if you are wondering where to study branding, there is no doubt that the city of Barcelona can be one of the best scenarios. And our school is one of the best ways to learn the real trade that involves brand strategy.


  • Attaining a comprehensive, strategic vision of brand creation, management and innovation.
  • Learning about trends in brand creation and management.
  • Understanding the theoretical and conceptual tools for developing a complete brand-building and branding innovation process.
  • Developing a brand strategy: purpose, positioning, values and personality.
  • Developing a brand identity in keeping with the strategy: naming, visual identity and sensory identity.
  • Developing a strategic project to implement a brand design.
  • Designing unique brand experiences.
  • Understanding the complexity and the environment of a product’s or service’s operations.


Master in Branding programme

1 What is a brand?

1.1 Definitions, brands’ strategic needs, and solutions provided by branding
1.2 Brand management, building and protection

2 Elements of research, audiences and contexts

2.1 Market research tools
2.2 Audiences: Definition and segmentation

3 Brand strategy

3.1 Positioning, brand promise
3.2 Platform: attributes, values, personality
3.3 Brand architecture

4 Brand identity

4.1 Verbal brand identity: naming
4.1 Visual brand identity: symbols. Logo, colour ranges, fonts

5 Brand experience

Brand communication: advertising, PR, direct marketing, promotions, events, sponsorships.

6 Brand environments and elements of identity

6.1 Physical, retail, buildings and signage, vehicles, staff identification
6.2 Print: corporate stationery, brochures, reports, sales support
6.3 Digital: corporate website, product website, microsites and promotions

7 Products and services

Packaging, point of sale, product identification.

8 Tools for brand management and communication

8.1 Identity manual (brand guidelines)
8.2 Brand book

9 Concepts, visions and methodologies for innovation

A series of professionals will offer their particular visions of innovation and existing methodologies.

9.1 The concept of innovation
9.2 Entrepreneurship and business opportunities
9.3 Brands’ strategic needs and solutions provided by branding
9.4 New value-added products and services
9.5 Brand experiences that are unique, differentiated and consistent
9.6 Rational and emotional connections that are solid and lasting

10 Elements of research: audiences and contexts

10.1 Brands’ needs in innovation processes
10.2 Tools for innovation and research based on the market perspective
10.3 Tools for understanding and detecting needs, desires and perceptions

11 Expression and media

11.1 Concepts and tools for expression, channels and resources for developing perceptions of innovation
11.2 IT for brand creation
11.3 Conceptual alternatives (creation of movements, communication vectors, transmedia or online marketing) and channel alternatives (app development, mobile marketing or digital signage)

12 Business cases

Specific cases of innovations and start-ups in different phases of maturity.

13 Innovation branding project

Comprehensive Master’s Final Project in innovation branding applying the knowledge acquired during the programme.

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