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Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction

Discover the new opportunities audiovisual language has to offer in the world of communication and culture. On the MA in Audiovisual Creation and Direction, you’ll learn to create and direct audiovisual projects in all formats.

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We live in a socioeconomic context in which over 70% of content produced uses audiovisual language. This situation has led to multiple transformations that have affected how this content is consumed and devised. On the Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction you’ll discover the new opportunities audiovisual language has to offer in the world of communication and culture.

Today’s new challenges require a new profile in the audiovisual production industry; one that has good command of areas like creativity, strategy, aesthetics and technique. To prepare you for all kinds of creative projects, the Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction presents the audiovisual universe from an array of different expressive and formal viewpoints.

You’ll gain a sound understanding of the three semantic and expressive cornerstones of the audiovisual language: image, sound and motion. You’ll learn about the tools and resources needed to develop creative projects, experimenting with animation, spots, music videos, scenography and short films. You will thereby learn to devise specific audiovisual solutions in a growing market and to experiment with new techniques and trends to generate artistic proposals.

The student profile for the master are professionals in the audiovisual world with an interest in the creative side of the industry, and who want to start out in or learn more about the field of the moving image.

Access and Admission Requirements: Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Sound and Image, Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Photography or Design. Industry professionals who wish to expand or complement their knowledge in audiovisual creation and direction. You must have a basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

At Elisava you can take master and postgraduate courses of different degrees of specialisation that combine theoretical knowledge, reflection, experimentation, and practical projects. Find the design master you are looking for.


  • Learning the methodological and technical processes involved in audiovisual projects.
  • Learning about the latest techniques and trends to foster experimentation, language fusion and innovation.
  • Gaining an understanding of the different audiovisual departments and roles in the creation of an audiovisual piece.
  • Mastering the narrative mechanisms applied to the construction of audiovisual stories.
  • Developing audiovisual projects in a wide range of technical registers.
  • Combining audiovisual languages to innovate within the discipline.
  • Learning to manage projects in today’s market.
  • Generating high-impact creative pieces, while working to a budget.


MA in Audiovisual Creation and Direction programme

1 Audiovisual context and audiovisual culture

The latest audiovisual trends. Approach to audiovisual language (image, sound and movement).

1.1 ​Inspiration
1.2 Image
1.3 Sound
1.4 Motion
1.5 Audiovisual culture: Audiovisual decades
1.6 Effective presentations
1.7 Project 1: Mixed Media (analog animation)

2 Audiovisual storytelling

Mechanisms and ​​roles in the construction of the narrative of an audiovisual product. Creative methodology, generation of a message and concept as the starting points of any audiovisual project.

2.1 From the canonical story to filmic narrative
2.2 Audiovisual semiotics I (image and motion)
2.3 Audiovisual semiotics II (sound)
2.4 Creative process
2.5 Script: resources and techniques
2.6 Technical script and storyboard
2.7 Audiovisual processing
2.8 Project 2: Audiovisual photonovel

3 Audiovisual toolkit and advertising

Roles and tasks involved in audiovisual creation.

3.1 Introduction to the audiovisual departments
3.2 Micro-narratives and advertising genres
3.3 ​Inspiration II
3.4 Production department
3.5 Directing actors
3.6 Art department
3.7 Photography department
3.8 Sound department
3.9 Project 3: Indie spot

4 Music video

Conception and production of a music video.

4.1 Introduction and trends in music videos
4.2 ​​Inspiration III
4.3 Music genres
4.4 Project IV: Music video

5 Final Master Project: Creative debut – audiovisual short film

Complete and free-creation audiovisual project in the form of a fiction short film. Ideation, aesthetic definition and formal implementation.

6 Projects

6.1 Mix Media
6.2 Spot Indie
6.3 Fashion Film
6.4 Videoclip
6.5 Opera Prima: Shortfilm

The programme uses its own material and material provided by Aclam Rental, thereby providing students with a broad range of technological equipment for shooting audiovisual pieces.

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