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Master in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

This master will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to work in highly complex and uncertain environments.

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We live in a time of constant change. Today, being competitive means having the ability to adapt or reinvent to avoid becoming obsolete.

This new context requires a new kind of professional, able to intelligently combine design and management. They must be prepared to identify opportunities and turn them into desirable, feasible and viable solutions at the right moment.

The MA in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship will provide you with the knowledge, skills and tools to be a problem solver, capable of designing and implementing innovative initiatives and leading change in complex environments. You will be able to identify, discover, design and implement relevant responses to changes in an efficient, versatile and responsible manner.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent. High level of English in speaking, writing and reading.

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  • Learning the skills needed to be resilient entrepreneurs able to lead responsible change in uncertain, complex and accelerated environments.
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to negotiate uncertainty and develop coherent business strategies.
  • Understanding how to apply design management methodologies to new business and social challenges, adopting an entrepreneurial and creative approach.
  • Acquiring the tools, skills and knowledge needed to transform relevant problems into added-value solutions for clients / users, companies and society.
  • Designing, validating and implementing attractive, feasible and viable solutions integrated into sustainable business models.
  • Developing skills for managing teams and people to tackle projects with a high degree of risk and uncertainty.


MA in Advanced Design Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship programme

1 Discovery

Tools and methodologies to understand how the market is changing and identify new opportunities.

2 Conceptualisation

Creative tools and design methodologies to generate ideas/concepts and respond to different challenges.

3 Business model design

Understand how to build viable and scalable business models.

4 Validation through experimentation

Validate or disprove a hypothesis to take the right decisions while reducing risk and uncertainty. Experiments to test a project’s suitability and viability.

5 Going to market

Understand how to scale and commercialise your project on the market. Essential financial skills to persuade potential investors and obtain the financing you need.

6 Business case

Write a business case and present it effectively to gain the support of investors, a board of directors or a steering committee. 

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