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Master in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling

With the MA in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling you will complete comprehensive vehicle design projects, from digital representation to physical modelling.

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3D modelling has marked a turning point in the world of product design and manufacturing, allowing new design projects to be completed much faster. It is a key tool in addressing the needs of the competitive world of vehicle design and manufacturing. Today, new forms of mobility demand new proposals for the design and production of autonomous vehicles with maximum connectivity and new propulsion systems.

In the Master in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling you’ll learn to design and develop the vehicles of the future through comprehensive virtual projects. The purpose is to analyse, create and represent these products digitally through scale models.

We’ll work with state-of-the-art 3D digital modelling tools, such as Autodesk Alias, Icemsurf and Maya, to design by drawing on technical and aesthetic data, and to represent a model at any point during its development through renderings and animations. Later, we’ll create physical models that will help us produce the product.

Student profile for this master’s degree: Professionals who would like to work or are working in the area of product design and automotive design and who want to specialize in digital visualization.

Access and Admission Requirements: An official university degree or equivalent in Architecture, Engineering, Design or Fine Arts. Familiarity with 3D software.

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Where to study 3D modeling?

With the advancement of new technologies, studying 3D modeling has become a clear option for the present and for the future. There is no doubt that 3D modeling has marked a before and an after in the product design and manufacturing world. Therefore, over the years, it has become a basic resource, especially in sectors such as the automotive industry.

If you are interested in the subject, but you are still not sure where to study 3D modeling, you should know that at Elisava we can provide you with the necessary tools to become the professional required by the growing automotive and product design sector. Our advanced training system, which combines theoretical elements with practice in real projects, together with the excellence of the teaching staff and master’s collaborators, will allow you to have an interdisciplinary and well-founded vision of 3D modeling.

MA in 3D in Barcelona

If you are thinking of studying a master in 3D, Barcelona will be one of the best destinations where you will be able to specialize. The city is the centre of an important economic and industrial activity in which different leading companies and industries in the automotive and product design sector coexist. Through practice and direct contact with these agents, you will be able to train in a proven way and to acquire the necessary skills to face any project successfully.

There is no doubt that studying a master in 3D in Barcelona will open you the doors to a long and prosperous professional future.


  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills to design and develop advanced digital representation projects for the mobility sector.
  • Analysing 3D environments from technical and design perspectives.
  • Planning comprehensive digital projects.
  • Learning to apply different strategies to create organic forms through digital modelling.
  • Mastering specific programmes for the generation and modification of surfaces.
  • Understanding polygonal modelling, mastering modelling design surfaces and class-A surfaces, and becoming proficient in digital visualization.


MA in 3D Automotive and Product Digital Modelling programme

1 3D polygonal modelling with Autodesk Maya

Strategies for constructing complex volumes using the surfaces and polygonal tools offered by the Maya software.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Introduction to polygonal modelling
1.3 Main menus and polygonal tools in Maya
1.4 Maya deformers applied to modelling
1.5 Creating polygonal surfaces from curves
1.6 Conversion and export of polygonal surfaces
1.7 Executing a project

2 Digital 3D modelling with Autodesk Alias AutoStudio (CAS)

Definition of strategies for using the Alias AutoStudio software, suitable for developing quick proposals in the early design phases.

2.1 Introduction to the Alias environment
2.2 Modelling strategies

3 Strak digital modelling

Learn how to construct class-A surfaces using Icemsurf, suitable for defining modelling from the initial phases through to the final phase of surface design, influencing all technical and aesthetic inputs.

3.1 Graphic environment
3.2 General file management functions. Referent manager
3.3 Types and entities: Point, Raw Data, Scan, Curve and Surface
3.4 Organization. Lists. Parts. Display
3.5 Definition of design surfaces
3.6 Definition of class-A surfaces (Strak)
3.7 Modelling strategies
3.8 Visualization Material, colour and textures. Environment and lights
3.9 Advanced modelling tools
3.10 Executing a project

4 Digital representation

Master digital visualization systems: rendering, animation and real-time rendering.

4.1 Rendering and animation with KeyShot
4.2 Rendering and animation with Autodesk Maya
4.3 Adobe Premiere

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