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Master Beyond Packaging

A forward-thinking Master Beyond Packaging that wants to shake up the status quo of packaging. We need to consume less, and we need to consume better; we need to change the game. Therefore, we urgently need to redefine our consumption habits and, most certainly, packaging too. This master programme envisions giving tools to designers to create a better and more environmental future through design, research, technology and materials.

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We are calling graphic designers, product designers, industrial designers, engineers and creatives that want to rethink how product packaging design should be according to what the planet needs now with our Master Beyond Packaging.

We believe in looking at packaging from a disruptive point of view to shape the innovations of tomorrow. That is why, in our Master Beyond Packaging, we will focus on unconventional ideas to thrive in a very conventional environment, as the market usually is. We will encourage exploration and discovery to create new opportunities. We will look for the unexpected from the beaten tracks to change the status quo.

Access and Admission Requirements: Design graduates and professionals with experience. It is not essential to have a bachelor’s degree to take this master’s degree; we value professional experience as much as college education.

Study a master in packaging design in Barcelona

If you are thinking about studying a master in packaging in Spain but you still don’t know which city to choose, you have to know that Barcelona represents a unique scenario to study a master in packaging design and to become specialised in packaging design.

Barcelona is the cradle of design and an international referent. Attracted by the latest trends and the complete ecosystem that is developed in the city, designers and creatives around the world have stablished their place of business here. Creativity, transversality and the open spirit can be breathed in every corner of the city. For these reasons, it is the perfect city to study the Master Beyond Packaging.


We go beyond packaging

We want you to develop critical awareness as designers and citizens to create new possibilities and opportunities around packaging design.

We are going to reflect on our current economic and social models and understand where do consumer trends come from and where they may or should go:

  • Is sustainability enough to face the current environmental and social crisis?
  • To what extent can design help revert the negative consequences of consumer society, to which it has contributed?
  • What role could design play in a post-economical-growth society?

We want to work with imaginative, nonconformist students ready to use design as a means for change:

  • Proposing new business models.
  • Using and coming up with new materials.
  • Questioning the system and inventing new ones.
  • Creating new products.
  • Designing new realities.

Redefining packaging to create a beneficial impact on society, understanding it as:

  • a sociological matter.
  • a political matter.
  • an environmental matter.
  • a research matter.
  • a design matter.

An interdisciplinary vision of design

The programme will approach packaging from a comprehensive understanding and favour the overlap and convergence of disciplines around it.

Meet our team of professors, professionals, experts, and guests passionate about what they do and love sharing and generating conversations. You will attend and experiment in their workshops, lectures, showcases and case studies.

How we do it
1 Challenges

Our students will develop thought-provoking concepts that defy the packaging industry with the guide of outstanding design professionals from different fields.

They will be encouraged to look for game-changing ideas that challenge the status quo.

1.1 Disruptive packaging design
1.2 Ephemeral packaging design
1.3 Hybrid product/packaging
1.4 Local packaging design

2 Projects

Students will work hands-on under the guidance of professional experts to translate new ideas and disrupt the established categories in the world of packaging.

They will tackle projects from a fresh perspective putting people (not the market) at the centre, creating new meaningful relationships between citizens and products, and building new paradigms around waste through packaging studies:

2.1 Sensorial packaging
2.2 Emotional packaging
2.3 Redefining luxury packaging
2.4 Ways of seeing packaging
2.5 Enhanced packaging

3 Workshops

Live practical learning experiences to question and expand the discipline with specialists and renowned professionals.

3.1 Ready-made packaging.
3.2 Performance packaging.
3.3 Edible Packaging

4 Perspectives

We will aim to guide students towards building projects and challenges on solid ground.

Theoretical classes will be the starting point to shape opinions, standpoints and choices for the foundations of the ideas that will change the world (of packaging).

4.1 Understanding (de)growth.
4.2 Sustainability, materials and innovation.
4.3 Materials for packaging
4.4 Industry 4.0
4.5 Designing from the self

5 Guests & knowledge capsules

A series of short presentations focused on a diverse range of subjects and topics related to the world of packaging, and its surroundings will expand the students’ vision of design and enable unexpected connections.

If you want to know more about the Master Beyond Packaging download the brochure here or check the master’s website:

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