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Master in Graphic Design

We offer a vision of graphic design for professionals who have a critical perspective and who want to find their own voice and be agents of change and social transformation. In this master you’ll discover the power of visual language when it comes to examining the present and building new futures.

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The discipline of graphic design is constantly changing and evolving, with a great potential to influence all kinds of media: digital, print and even the environment. We need versatile graphic designers who can take a critical view of society. They should be aware of their social responsibility as contemporary professionals. They should be ready to tackle the challenges posed by the ever-evolving new media. And they should be capable of developing disruptive concepts of visual communication.

Elisava’s MA in Graphic Design is a one-year advanced programme focused on the contemporary practice of graphic design. It’s a programme intended to help you find your own individual characteristics as a professional and to give you a chance to explore new visual languages.

We’ll develop projects in the traditional areas of graphic design – visual, editorial, digital identity, packaging, environmental and audio-visual – as well as other disciplines that are fundamental today: strategy, research, verbal identity, process design and facilitation, management, experimentation, and more. We’ll also look at typography from different perspectives: from the most traditional to what new technologies have to offer.

The student profile for this Master’s degree is that of an inquisitive person, who asks questions, who interrogates the role of graphic design and who is passionate about the idea of providing innovative solutions to transform society in a positive way.

Access and Admission Requirements: Preferably, students with a degree in Graphic Design and professional profiles with accredited experience. Students should be efficient and proficient in the management of graphic design software.

Elisava’s masters provide specialised and multidisciplinary advanced training that will contribute to improve your professional profile. Find the most suitable design master for you.


  • Leading comprehensive projects in different areas of graphic design.
  • Creating a verbal identity through strategy.
  • Developing a project in different areas: editorial, digital, packaging, motion graphics and environment graphics.
  • Learning to present projects in a clear, attractive and concise way.
  • Experimenting with new typefaces in physical and digital formats.
  • Establishing co-creation processes for working as a team.
  • Managing briefs, budgets, tasks and timings.


MA in Graphic Design programme

1 Master’s Projects

In the master’s degree you’ll work in pairs, and each team will define its own brief. You’ll develop a comprehensive graphic project to find versatility in the face of different needs, environments, processes and languages.

1.1 Research and context
1.2 Strategy and verbal identity
1.3 The comprehensive project
1.4 Showcases and case studies
1.5 Design crit

2 Fundamentals

Delve into the world of typography and discover how graphic design lets you to create solid, scalable, consistent solutions that are also original. You’ll learn to enhance and strengthen visual languages through experimentation.

2.1 Typography
2.2 Graphic systems
2.3 Art direction
2.4 Experimentation
2.5 Graphic workshop

3 Business

Master the issues that are part of the day-to-day work of graphic design: forging human relationships, working in teams, looking for business opportunities, making quality presentations to clients, and billing profitable projects.

3.1 Principles of the new teamwork
3.2 Strategic design management
3.3 Professional projection

4 Workshops

Enjoy five days of meetings with distinguished specialists and professionals. These workshops will help you complement and deepen different skills and disciplines in graphic design.

4.1 Design potential
4.2 Systemic design of fonts
4.3 Experience
4.4 Degree Show

5 Events

Our events will help you broaden your knowledge by listening to the experiences of emerging or established professionals, who will introduce you to different points of view and serve as a source of inspiration.

5.1 International lectures
5.2 Master’s Talks

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