Postgraduate in Brands, Core of Communications


Postgraduate Diploma in Brands, Core of Communications, certificate awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and Elisava.


Jordi Belil, Mercedes Espinós

ECTS Credits


Course length

Sep 2019 to feb 2020
Mo, Tu, Th, 5:00-9:15 p.m.


Year 2019-2020: € 5,270 (plus € 400 registration fee)
Financing and grants


Spanish, basic English

Admission requirements

  • Graduates in branding, marketing, design and communication, etc.
  • Proven professional experience.
  • Access and admission

What is the power of a brand in the 21st century? How can we build solid brands in a changing society like the current one?

Every company or institution that offers a product or service has a brand with which it operates in its environment. The dimension of this brand and its projection can be variable but, in any case, the global management of the brand is a key factor of success in an increasingly globalized and competitive environment.

At a time when the quality of products and services and their costs are not enough reason for differentiation, branding becomes a key element, both of companies and institutions, in the development of a powerful strategy to distinguish itself. The main objectives of a brand are to obtain recognition and position itself. Whether from the public sector or from the private sector, properly managing a brand is essential for those who want to grow and acquire solidity, but also for those who, from a more solid position, seek to maintain leadership in their sector.

Branding refers to the complex process of building the brand through the strategic disposition of a set of assets directly or indirectly linked to the commitment, identity and experience of an organization.

Postgraduate Diploma in Brands, Core of Communications

Overall brand management is a key factor of success in an increasingly competitive and globalised environment. This course provides a complete overview of how brands are created and managed.


1. What is a brand?

  • Definitions, strategic brand requirements and solutions provided by Branding
  • Brand management, building and protection as one of the most strategic assets


2. Research elements, targets and contexts

  • Market research instruments
  • Targets. Definition and segmentation


3. Brand strategy

  • Positioning, Brand Promise
  • Platform: attributes, values, personality
  • Brand architecture


4. Brand identity

  • Brand Verbal Identity: Naming
  • Brand visual identity: Symbols, Logo, Colour ranges, Typographies


5. Brand experience

  • Brand Communications: Advertising, PR, Direct marketing, Promotions, Events, Sponsorship.


6. Brand environments and identity elements

  • Physical, retail, buildings, and external and internal signage, vehicles, personnel identification
  • Printed matter: corporate stationery, leaflets, annual reports, sales support
  • Digital: corporate website, product website, microsites and promotions.


7. Products and services

  • Packaging, Point of Sale, Product Identification.


8. Brand management and communication tools

  • Identity Manual (Brand Guidelines)
  • Brand Book


9. Project

During the programme, short exercises need to be completed to put into practice elements covered by the various modules. A Branding global project with real brands will be produced which includes the various sections defining the building process of a brand as a business strategy. This project will be tutored and worked on throughout the entire postgraduate course.

  • Achieve a global and strategic view of the branding world based on real business cases from different sectors, introduced by their own authors and/or the same companies
  • Provide the theoretical and conceptual instruments to be able to develop a complete brand building process and innovation through branding
  • Put into practice the knowledge acquired through the approach and the development of specific micro projects and a global project of innovation through branding
  • Have resources to know the complexity and the environment in which a product or service operates in order to carry out a strategic project that allows to implement the design of a brand

The students participating in this program will develop their analytical, strategic and creative thinking skills, as well as the practical skills of the complete brand creation process: strategy, identity and brand experience. The students will learn:

  • The most current concepts on brand creation and brand management
  • The processes and the keys to develop a brand strategy: Brand personality, values and positioning
  • The processes and the keys to develop a Brand Identity in accordance with the Brand Strategy: Naming, Visual Identity, Sensory Identity
  • The processes and the keys to develop a complete and global Brand Experience in accordance with the Brand Strategy
  • The keys for the branding professional, in the different roles, responsibilities and collaborations that he can play in the brand creation and management process
Jordi Belil

Jordi Belil

Director of the Master's Degree in Branding

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