Master's Degree in Data and Design

Face one of the challenges of contemporary designers: design useful information for the user and make a correct visualization of data in order to easily communicate complex.

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Face one of the challenges of contemporary designers: design useful information for the user and make a correct visualization of data in order to easily communicate complex.


Master's Degree in Data and Design.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Marc Panero
Pau Garcia

ECTS Credits



September to July


(+€450 registration fee)
Financing and grants



Access and admission requirements

Official university degree or equivalent to Journalism, Graphic Design or similar. Open to other profiles due to the transdisciplinarity of the programme.
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How can we make information transcendent for the human? In the Master's Degree in Data and Design you understand what it means to design the way of understanding the world.

Information is the core of our modern society and making sense of it is a challenge for companies, media platforms and governments. In a world where fake news are used as political weapons, cryptocurrencies threaten traditional finances and strange characters become heads of state, our role as designers is vital.

The Master's Degree in Data and Design (MADD) aims to train professionals in the design of information and data visualization. The programme will train students to face any design problem that involves the handling of large amounts of data, complex systems or chained actions, with a critical perspective and from a solid base of graphic design.

The Máster is articulated around three modules of Fundaments and two Projects. Around it, a modular structure of Workshops and Capsules will allow us to accentuate, in each moment, the knowledge and practical challenges that the students will face.

These modules will address the visualization of data, the information systems and the transmedia narrative from a rigorous practice and the desire to experiment. The practical projects will take as a framework the broader context of the city of Barcelona by collaborating with entities and professionals from other disciplines.

The student will be part of a committed and motivated group of designers, researchers, thinkers and storytellers, in a practical experience of collaborative learning. The students will be able to develop their interests, while working on projects based on real problems and use the city of Barcelona as a laboratory.

In the Master's Degree in Data and Design the student acquire knowledge of schematics, cartography and data analysis applied to the design of tools that help the communication of large volumes of information or facilitate the decision making within complex systems. 

They will obtain tools and competences from different disciplines, from data science to sociology, communication strategy, cartography and audiovisual methods of research and communication, they will be part of an adisciplinary challenge addressed from a critical point of view with the excellence of the design in mind.

Together we will explore issues of this nature: How can data influence our perception of reality? How can we analyze and work with them in a productive way? How flexible are data and in how many ways can we represent them? How can data analysis and design help communities shed some light on their realities and improve them?

  • Know the history and context of Data Design
  • Develop a critical spirit and know how to face design problems within their social context
  • Learn how to use the resources of the infographics: cartography, schematic and statistical representation in the broader context of Data Design
  • Efficiently resolve specific problems of Data Design
  • Learn the most common data analysis tools
  • Become familiar with the previous processes of documentation and data analysis and be able to structure their conclusions
  • Ability to analyze complex systems or large volumes of information, being able to communicate them intelligibly and efficiently
  • Understand the expression and communication possibilities of Data Design and incorporate them into their professional practice
  • Ability to integrate Data Design in design and communication projects
  • Incorporate the perspectives of other disciplines (programming, statistics, engineering...) to the work methodology
  • Ability to work as a team with professionals from different fields
Marc Panero

Marc Panero

Director of the Master's Degree in Graphic Design
Director of the Master's Degree in Editorial Design
Co-director of the Master's Degree in Data and Design
Pau Garcia

Pau Garcia

Co-director of the Master's Degree in Data and Design
José Manuel Pérez Paadin

José Manuel Pérez Paadin

Co-director of the Master's Degree in Data and Design

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