Master in Design and Audiovisual Creativity


Master in Design and Audiovisual Creativity, own title issued by the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and Elisava.


Jordi Cano and Marc Aliart

ECTS Credits


Course length

Sep 2019 to Jul 2020.
Mo, Tu and We, 5:00-9.15 p.m.


Year 2019-2020: €10,000 (plus € 400 registration fee)
Financing and grants



Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree or higher degree with a university qualification
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects
  • Graphic dossier and/or audiovisual demoreel
    Access and admission

Which new opportunities does the audiovisual language offer to the communication and culture world?

The Master in Design and Audiovisual Creativity is a professional programme, aimed to giving its participants the necessary tools and resources for the development of creative projects within the audiovisual industry.

Starting from the design methodology (analysis, conceptualization and formalization), students will explore the potential of the audiovisual language by addressing it from different points of view like: animation, video clip, spot, staging or mapping. All of this with the will of training professional profiles that are capable of both giving specific solutions to a booming market and suggesting and experimenting with new techniques and trends for the creation of artistic proposals.

“I have always thought that there are three keys to the Consumer’s heart—Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy. That is how they materialize: Sight, Sound and Motion; SISOMO”. Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi.

  • To provide the students with the necessary methodological and technical processes to actively and creatively deal with audiovisual projects in different communication contexts.
  • To make the latest techniques and trends in the audiovisual field available for the students in order to motivate the experimentation, the hybridization of languages and the innovation within the discipline.
  • To motivate the knowledge of new artistic and expressive referents to encourage the creation of aesthetic and narrative ideas.
  • Skill to deal with audiovisual projects from the design creative methodology.
  • Ability to develop audiovisual projects in a wide variety of technical registers.
  • Ability to hybridize audiovisual languages in order to motivate an innovation process within the discipline.
  • Ability for the decision making in real project contexts within the current market.
Jordi Cano

Jordi Cano

Head of the Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction

Head of the Master's Degree in Advertising Design and Communication

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