Masters in Madrid

Starting in October 2024, we will offer three master’s programmes on branding, research for design and innovation, and creativity and design leadership, which will take place at Acid House Madrid, a 300 square feet space promoted by the creative agency Folch in collaboration with Elisava, and designed by Arquitectura-G, Mies Van Der Rohe Prize 2015 and FAD Prize 2022.

Summer courses in Madrid

This July 2024 we also offer two short summer courses (one week long), during afternoons, on branding, futures thinking, strategy and innovation:

This new space in the capital, located in Legazpi, near the Matadero Madrid Contemporary Creation Center, will be a creative ecosystem dedicated to education, innovation and an incubator for creative business projects aimed at generation Z.

Acid House Madrid will form a creative and business ecosystem that, bringing together professionals from the creative industry, education, companies and brands, and it will provide a response and service to new generations. The project will be developed from the same concept as Acid House Barcelona, inaugurated 3 years ago, in February 2020, but adapting to the logic and communication needs of the capital.

Thus, it will lead new creative ecosystems and new business models, with a diversity of agents involved, emerging at a time of great impact of digital technologies. And it aims to unite the concepts of business, design, university, company, training and entertainment…, to generate an innovative and current training model that generates an impact on society.