Master's Degree Beyond Packaging

We need to rethink how packaging should be according to the challenges the planet is facing now. Want to join the conversation and change the future? 

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We need to rethink how packaging should be according to the challenges the planet is facing now. Want to join the conversation and change the future? 


Master’s Degree Beyond Packaging 
Awarded by UVic-UCC. 

*In the accreditation process.


Marc Panero 



ECTS credits



September to July


(+€450 registration fee) 
Financing and grants

Access and admission requirements

Design graduates and professionals with experience. It is not essential to have a bachelor's degree to take this master’s degree; we value professional experience as much as college education.
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We are calling Graphic Designers, Product Designers, Industrial Designers, Engineers and creatives that want to rethink how packaging should be according to what the planet needs now.

The Master’s Degree Beyond Packaging by Elisava is a forward thinking one-year programme that wants to shake up the status quo of packaging. In an era in which overconsumption threatens the planet, which materials products are wrapped in often become the symbol of this nonsense, an island of plastic floating on the ocean. 

Therefore, we urgently need to redefine our habits and, most certainly, packaging too. We need to consume less and we need to consume better; we need to change the game. This master’s programme envisions giving tools to designers to create a better and more environmental future through design, research, technology and materials.

There is a growing awareness of the threat that the capitalist system entails for life on our planet. On the other hand, the deep crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemics pushes us to prioritize “returning to normality’, to the decisions that caused this current situation without solving any of the preexisting problems.

At this programme we will address questions such as:

  • Is sustainability enough to face the current environmental and social crisis?
  • To what extent can design help revert the negative consequences of consumerism society, to which it has contributed?
  • What role could design play in a post-growth society? 

We are going to reflect on our current economic and social models in order to understand where do consumption trends come from and where they can (should) go. The final goal of this programme is to develop critical awareness as designers and citizens, to think further possibilities and to open new opportunities around packaging design.

We want to work with curious, nonconformist students ready to use design to change society through:

  • Proposing new business models 
  • Using new materials 
  • Thinking new systems 
  • Creating new products 
  • Designing new realities 
  • Redefining packaging to create a beneficial impact on society
  • Understanding packaging as a sociological matter 
  • Understanding packaging as a political matter 
  • Understanding packaging as an environmental matter 
  • Understanding packaging is a research matter 
  • Understanding packaging is a design matter

An interdisciplinary vision of design
The holistic approach of the programme believes in the cross-pollination of disciplines that  overlap and converge around packaging.

Our process is collaborative
We have a big team of professors, professionals, experts and guests that are passionate for what they do and love sharing and generating synergies. Moreover, the experience is completed with other events such as workshops, lectures, showcases and case studies that allow students to connect with different fields that converge back into the packaging landscape.

The practice of packaging needs forward-thinking professionals with a mind of their own, a broad perspective on contemporary design and a good understanding of the world of today, as well as the main challenges regarding environment and new materials. We want our master’s programme to prepare students to meet those requirements through active experimentation and practical learning, with the support of top-notch professionals.

We believe in looking at packaging from a disruptive point of view to shape the innovative solutions of tomorrow. We will focus on unconventional ideas to thrive in a sometimes outdated environment, as the market usually is. We will encourage exploration and discovery to create new opportunities. We will look for the unexpected off the beaten tracks, to change the status quo.

This one-year master’s degree is structured around challenges, projects and workshops run by professionals of reference in Design, along with theory oriented lessons and capsule presentations by critics and lecturers. Our dedicated faculty will collaborate in the process and encourage students to dig deeper, to go into detail without losing sight of the big picture, through a balanced combination of thinking, planning and action.

The Master's Degree Beyond Packaging gives importance to the social and critical dimensions of packaging, offering holistic understanding of the discipline in relation to contemporary challenges. It is a programme to change things and take action. 

Marc Panero

Marc Panero

Director of the Master in Visual Design, Editorial, Data and Design and Beyond Packaging

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