Master’s Degree Beyond Art Direction

A disruptive, experimental, exploratory and multidisciplinary vision of the Art Direction in order to identify, question and rephrase conventionalism in the world of design and creativity.

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A disruptive, experimental, exploratory and multidisciplinary vision of the Art Direction in order to identify, question and rephrase conventionalism in the world of design and creativity.


Master's Degree Beyond Art Direction 
Awarded by UVic-UCC. 


Bernard Arce, Lucía Colombo 



ECTS Credits



September to July 


(+€450 registration fee) 
Financing and grants 

Access and admission requirements

Official Undergraduate Degree or equivalent in Graphic Design, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising, Fine Arts, etc.
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The Master Beyond Art Direction is an approach to the world of art direction with a perspective defined by three principles: experience, experimentation and expression, while questioning and reinterpreting traditional creative methods to find unexpected and original concepts and aesthetics.

Art direction is a profession with wide-ranging and specific specialisations, which is why it plays an increasingly relevant role in the many different creative industries. Art Directors require a detailed understanding of the nature and expressive resources of multiple languages, namely: words, photography, video, the object and interaction. In this way, the Art Director does not simply interpret strategic proposals, but rather also deals with development, production, field work and creation. This is why the format for this workshop is one of a permanent workshop, where the projects are taken beyond creative and aesthetic considerations.

This programme has a strong focus on disruption and its basic premises include identifying, questioning and destroying conventionalisms in the world of design and creativity. For this reason, we focus on the extremes of the artistic spectrum, in terms of both analogue and handcraft and CGI and virtuality. The programme looks to explore specific genres and styles like horror, documentaries and eroticism. This master understands innovation as an area that does not only belong to the digital revolution and seeks to strengthen its experimental character, combining formats and codes consciously and in unexpected ways, in the search for new outcomes.

At the contextual level, the programme focuses on a metamodernist space and time, in which processes and narrative and deconstructive discourses coexist in a way that leads to remix and intertextuality. Under the premise of exploring alternative categories of beauty, we will look at oriental and Nordic aesthetics.

Under the premise of enabling the Art Director to approach production, we will work on the research and development of independent projects, which help participants to define and strengthen their aesthetics and personal brands. There will also be a focus on working in groups, with projects developed as a team, in which the group must work together, its members complementing one another’s skills, in order to achieve their goals.

The final project will enter the world of fashion and film, in which films will be developed that are capable of challenging and exploring the basics of this category and offering a fresh, authentic and ground-breaking vision.

  • To promote a disruptive view that allows for an out-of-the-ordinary approach to creating, the main value a creative can have in the current context. 
  • To provide students with a competitive and innovative professional profile that integrates the latest criteria and trends in communication in today's market. 
  • To promote creative skills and the ability to transition between languages, as qualities to add value in a constantly changing market: encouraging immersion in audio-visual culture, promoting multidisciplinarity and interrelationship of languages and creative platforms (music, theatre, cinema, photography, audio-visual resources, performance...). 
  • To provide students with the necessary tools of methodology for the analysis, conceptualization and formal definition of a strategy. 
  • To encourage multidisciplinarity and the interrelation of creative media and languages (music, theatre, cinema, installation, Internet...) with the desire to manage references and apply them in visual projects and / or audio-visuals. 
  • To emphasize the preponderant role of aesthetic strategy as a transformative, economic and social value. 
  • To provide the tools to propel projects, under a personal brand, a profile and a defined and unique creative style. 
  • To train creative professionals with a strategic vision and thought in the context of communication and art direction; so that they elaborate real and efficient solutions to the problems posed in the context of the current market. 
  • To train professionals with the mastery of the competencies and functions of the art director, able to create and direct projects in the field of visual messages. 
  • Plan a comprehensive project of strategic multichannel communication, from diagnosis to final presentation.
  • Analyse the environment, based on communicative needs, and establish the key elements, interest groups and processes that intervene directly and indirectly when defining a value proposition and creative concept.
  • Learn to understand, assimilate and use the diversity of languages, media and channels in order to articulate comprehensive communication strategies capable of connecting clients with their users.
  • Generate new possible worlds using disruptive project methods. Manage the creative process implicit in any art direction project, through the different analytical-generative stages it comprises.
  • Incorporate the role of Art Director into a professional context.
  • Understand the mechanisms of aesthetic expression and its capacity to transmit ideas and feelings.
  • Understand the neurological mechanisms inherent in creative processes to apply them to generative processes.
  • Channel creativity and transform it into a differential, economic and market value.
  • Master the techniques of creativity and aesthetic strategy.

Once the programme has been successfully completed, you will be ready to work in the following professional environments:

  • Audio-visual production companies (advertising, cinema and TV).  
  • Creative agencies.  
  • Design studios and companies.  
  • Multimedia communication companies.  
  • “In house” Art Direction for companies and institutions.  

Beatriz Barco: Neurobiologist specialised in communication. She is a freelance screenwriter and journalist, specialising in science-related topics. She currently works for the science communication agency Ubik Media.

Xavier Camós: Brand manager of Moritz beer. He has participated in the launch of the brand’s flagship, the Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona, as well as its current communication strategy.

Andrés Hispano: Audio-visual producer, art curator, teacher and writer specialised in film. He is currently developing the audio-visual platform SOY CÁMARA for the CCCB.

Nacho Gómez: Teacher and audio-visual producer, specialised in documentaries and advertising. He has won awards in different festivals such as San Sebastian Film Festival, El Sol, or El Ojo Iberoamericano, in Buenos Aires.

Sònia Figueras: Still and moving image producer. In the last 10 years, she has worked as a producer in different areas, from filming (live action) and animation (CGI) to photography and interactive campaigns.

Marc Sancho: Graphic designer and art director. He is the founder of the Querida studio, specialised in creative and strategic content management. His latest project was the setting up the audio-visual production company, Mañana.



Mimi Margalef: Creative director, art director and production designer. She has worked on both sides of advertising for more than 15 years in agencies like C14 Barcelona and Contrapunto BBDO Barcelona.

Flowers by Bornay: Creators of floral art. The workshop produces floral decorations for hotels, events and brand actions for companies like Hermès or Louis Vuitton. It is recognised as one of the world’s best floral art workshops.

Michele Pinna: Art director that works in the fashion industry with a solid background in graphic and digital design. He now works as art director at Desigual.

Beatriu Malaret: Consultant and development trainer for professional profiles oriented towards integrated and strategic management in the design and fashion sector. Teacher of fashion and design theory.

Isabel Domènech: Stylist and creative director, with experience in editorial stylism, e-commerce, advertising, videoclips and brand consultancy. She has worked for clients like Rosalia and Nike.

Pepi de Boissieu: She directs a creative studio where food takes centre stage. She uses design and art to create tailormade food installations and eating experiences.

Albert Majos: Professional in scent marketing and creator of Akewuele, which has created the odotype for brands like: PSC, BMW, or MINI and has worked for Pull & Bear and Oysho’s line in cosmetics and perfumes.

Zoe Barceló: Creative director. With a creative and strategic profile, she undertakes projects in communication, design and innovation in collaboration with advertising agencies, design studios, architecture studios and end clients.

Jesús Obelmejías: Regional Manager at Opinno, an innovation consultancy. Conference speaker and specialist in communication and technological innovation.

Dedo Ciego: Directors of Mixmedia and visual artists. They explore the moving image combining handcraft techniques, digital materials and analogue processes in search of unique results in video creation.

Berta Valls: Event producer. She has worked as creative director at VICE for the last 10 years and now collaborates externally, particularly in the conceptualisation of events and brand experiences.

Domestic Data Streamers: Strategic communication consultancy that creates storytelling through data. They created installations for different museums and institutions both at the national and international level.

David Carabén: Singer, guitarist and writer for the group Mishima. He writes a weekly sports column for La Vanguardia and collaborates in programmes broadcast by RAC1.

Ainhoa Nagore: Independent art director who has worked with brands, advertising agencies and design studios. She offers creative services that range from image strategy to brand solutions.

Dani Trujillo: Composer and sound designer, specialised in sound mixing and postproduction. He has produced advert music for brands like Toyota and Audi and has also composed music for a number of feature length and short films.

Ber Arce
Ber Arce Elisava

Ber Arce

Codirector of the Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction
Codirector of the Master's Degree in Creative Direction and Communication
Lucía Colombo
Lucía Colombo

Lucía Colombo

Director of the Master Beyond Art Direction and professor of the Master in Art Direction

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