Master in Retail Design

The Master in Retail Design will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in strategy, technological innovation and visual merchandising to respond to point of sale design in a constantly changing sector.

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The Master in Retail Design will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge in strategy, technological innovation and visual merchandising to respond to point of sale design in a constantly changing sector.


Master’s Degree in Retail Space: Retail Design.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Carmen Malvar
Marta Hardisson

ECTS credits


Course length

February to February
September to July


Feb. ed. €11.000
(+€450 registration fee)
Sep. ed €11.500
(+€500 registration fee)
Financing and grants


English ed: English high level
Spanish ed: Spanish high and English intermediate level

Access and admission requirements

Official university degree or equivalent to Architecture or Interior Design. Basic knowledge of 2D and 3D in representation of spaces.
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What do you have to bear in mind when creating your own spaces for brands? In the Master in Retail Space: Retail Design you will learn how to apply the design to a commercial space.

The Master in Retail Design is intended for professionals who wish to acquire complete knowledge in the field of commercial design: from small-scale design and new formats to large-scale design, from boutiques to large multinational brands, we will learn how the differences are applied in each scenario, working directly with real brands and company briefings.

The invited companies are, among others, Antonio Miro, World Duty Free, IKEA, SONY, Swarovski, Vitra, Tous, MUJI and Nike.

Master in Retail Design

Most areas of the Master in Retail Design are covered with theory and practice cases. Importance is given to the analysis and study of trends and innovation in the market and society to get a close-up view of the elements in designing a retail space arena (new formats, space, communication, flow, exhibition, virtual aspects, sensory perceptions, etc.). Art and analysis are the basis of any project and the concept and projection of space. We make every effort so students come away with the highest standards and ability to work with the most demanding companies in the market.

Studying Retail Design

Retail Design combines aspects of different disciplines, such as architecture design, advertising or sales. Therefore, it is an interdisciplinary specialization, which will allow students to acquire a wide vision of retail store design and retail interior design.

In that sense, there is no better scenario to enter the world of and study retail design than the city of Barcelona. Not only because it is one of the most cosmopolitan and modern European cities, adapted to the new synergies emerging from the design universe, but also because different commercial spaces with a long history coexist in the city. Studying the Master in Retail Design in Barcelona will open the doors to a successful future.

Master in Retail Store Design

Our Master in Retail Design trains the professionals of the future, providing students with the necessary tools to meet the real needs emerging from the work sector. What sets our Master in Retail Design apart is precisely the transition that has taken place between the academic and professional worlds. Students are provided with a work environment that is close to that experienced in the workplace.

  • Analyse the role the retail sector plays in commercial strategy at all levels.
  • Explore retail types, their various functions, how to deal with demand for them, the role they play in economic and social activity, and the future challenges this sector faces.
  • Demonstrate and analyse the design process for the development of a retail space arena.
  • Identify and apply social and market studies, and learn how to interpret and work with this information to obtain an ideal design.
  • Create a complete project for the design of a major retail space with all the aspects that need to be taken into account to bring it to a good conclusion.
  • Domain of the conceptualization and realization of window display.
  • Domain of strategic branding tools related to Retail.
  • Knowledge of strategies, market plans and models of expansion.
  • Domain of visual communication tools.
  • Knowledge of Retail applied to virtual commerce.
  • Domain of different trends in eco-illumination.

The Master in Retail Design manages field visits to major companies in the retail sector as a learning strategy for students to acquire direct contact with the business sector.

During the tour, students have the opportunity to learn about the facilities, equipment, technologies, developed projects, needs, achievements and challenges of the most demanding companies in the retail market.

Students visit architecture studies and suppliers who work with major global brands, including the inditex group, whose big headquarters are located in Arteixo, Galicia. This visit allows students to experience the brand's facilities from start to finish, passing through sectors where they meet designers, country managers, salespeople, analysts, dressmakers, seamstresses, photographers, physical store simulators, logistics and distribution managers, among others.

The practical experience of the Master in Retail Design is complemented by workshops with the main suppliers of the Inditex group. These companies are responsible for the manufacturing of furniture for the whole development of physical stores, as well as those that lead the digital sector through audiovisual experiences, olfactory marketing and big data analytics.

Retail Lab by Elisava also includes The Catalyst, a space that hosts a small group of students selected to develop various design and innovation projects.

Given its flexible hours and its facilities, this platform favours meetings between clients and professionals from various disciplines through an innovative academic model that allows students to live and interact directly with an active retail environment. This will allow them to learn first-hand about the sector and offer them the possibility of continuing their experience with curricular practices or with an extension of the Master in Retail Design at a practical level through professional and practical training and the materialization of real projects.

In this context, Retail Lab by Elisava (The Catalyst) joins The Hood to create an anti-shopping experience driven by urban culture and art as vehicles to create a welcoming, cultured and fresh atmosphere. A beehive of creative energy to explore and live unforgettable experiences. Its goal: to connect people with and through their roots, inspire them through art and enhance their leisure and free time experiences around values such as experimentation, localism and creativity.

If you are interested in this programme, you may also be interested in the Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing summer course.

Dr. Carmen Malvar

Dr. Carmen Malvar

Director of the Retail Area and Director of the Master in Design for Resilience
Marta Hardisson
Marta Hardisson

Marta Hardisson

Director of the Master in Retail Design