Master in Interior Design

The Master in Interior Design will allow you to design and give meaning to domestic spaces and work environments, adapting to each of them to make them functional and creative.

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The Master in Interior Design will allow you to design and give meaning to domestic spaces and work environments, adapting to each of them to make them functional and creative.


Master’s Degree in Interior Design.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Joaquim Matutano
Ricardo Guasch

ECTS Credits



February to February
September to July


Feb. ed. €11.000
(+€450 registration fee)
Sep. ed €11.500
(+€500 registration fee)
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Spanish edition
English edition

Access and admission requirements

Official university degree or equivalent. Knowledge of software in graphic representation for the architectural space.
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How do new economic and social conditions affect the solution of architectural problems? In the Master in Interior Design you will learn the meaning of home spaces and work environments.

The Master in Interior Design is aimed at students who wish to specialise in architectural interior design. It focuses on enhancing interior space with a distinctive character and appropriate significance, by underscoring its inherent sensitivities (light, colour, materials, textures, etc.) and also providing it with suitable conditions of use.

This is possible thanks to two focused visions —corresponding to its two constituent postgraduate diplomas— which focus on how new social and economic conditions affect the features of spaces in work environments and households, respectively.

With active and proven methodologies, the Master in Interior Design aims to prepare designers to successfully tackle the challenges of the professional world.

Study a Master in Interior Design in Barcelona

If you are passionate about interior design and want to start your career in this area, but you are still not clear where to study, on this page you will find all the answers. If you want to study a master's in interior design abroad and you are looking for an interior design university, Elisava is among the leading design schools worldwide, as our training system allows students to acquire the necessary tools to meet current needs to study an interior design master’s.

Thanks to our Master in Interior Design you can study interior design from perspectives and approaches that you would never have imagined. Below, you will discover some of the many skills and objectives that you will acquire throughout the course. To learn more, we encourage you to become part of the Elisava community.

  • Delve into the characteristics of specific production of the different sorts of design in relation to the space to design.
  • Assimilate the emerging social and cultural values that are the basis of the criteria of implementation by the disciplines that articulate them: ergonomics, ecology, economics, sociology, anthropology and its incidence in the whole process of the project.
    • Interpret the company or user requirements and its functional programme.
    • Creatively apply the knowledge in relation to the uniqueness of the case study.
  • Assess the impact of new technologies and new materials in the reconditioning of the physical space.
  • Students get a specialization in interior space design and during his connection to Elisava investigate, analyze, share, listen and experience with spaces, materials, textures, colors and light... all to acquire a experience that form them to successfully face the challenges of the professional world.
  • Understanding of the factors involved in the implementation of interior, domestic and work spaces -technology, new social models, new behaviours, programme and technology.
  • Ability to grant the space a distinctive character by the command of the sensitive records of light, materials, and color.
  • Ability to organize and plan a space.
  • Excellent command of the basic dimensions of the parts and elements that make up a functional programme.
  • Control of the basic characteristics of the space conditioning systems for environmental comfort.
  • Excellent command of the work phases and the professional planning of the projects.
  • Ability to work as a team and autonomously.
  • Ability to contribute characteristic solutions to complex problems.
  • Know how to manage time.
  • Ability to enhance the value of the projects through good communication from the graphical and oral representation.
  • Ability to be proactive beyond the usual solutions.
Joaquim Matutano

Joaquim Matutano

Co-director of the Master’s Degree in Interior Design
Director of the Postgraduate in Interior Space Design: Private Perimeters
Dr. Ricardo Guasch Ceballos

Dr. Ricardo Guasch Ceballos

Director of the Master's Degree in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants
Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Interior Design. Work Spaces
Co-director of the Master in Interior Space Design