Master in Illustration and Comics

With the Master in illustration and Comics you will find your own voice as an illustrator and draftsman, while expanding your skills and graphic languages ​​to successfully answer to the professional market requirements.

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With the Master in illustration and Comics you will find your own voice as an illustrator and draftsman, while expanding your skills and graphic languages ​​to successfully answer to the professional market requirements.


Master's Degree in Illustration and Comics.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Mery Cuesta

ECTS Credits



September to July


(+€500 registration fee)
Financing and grants



Access and admission requirements

Official university degree or equivalent to Graphic Design or Fine Arts. Portfolios and knowledge of illustration programs.
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What are the languages ​​and tools of the artist nowadays? In the Master in Illustration and Comics you will learn how to grow as a professional in illustration and comics and you will find your own voice as a creator.

Contemporary cartoonists and illustrators have changed their profile considerably over the last two decades. Within digital culture, graphic languages have gained enormous visibility, an important labour and market expansion, and a growing cultural legitimation. However, these transformations have made it necessary for cartoonists and illustrators to be flexible and adapt to change, in terms of conception, production, distribution and promotion of their work. Being immersed in digital culture, cartoonists and illustrators are experiencing a historic change of role that requires continuous reinvention.

The Master in Illustration and Comics is a contemporary programme that combines a phenomenological perspective of the different positions adopted by cartoonists and illustrators in recent history, with a practical, theoretical and experiential immersion in the current scenario. This Master delves into the professional key aspects of cartoonists and illustrators, which essentially have to do with conceiving an idea and effectively expressing it in graphic form. Based on this, the programme offers different approaches to graphic languages that define an expanded professional profile of the illustrator in accordance with the versatility required by the current market. The programme culminates with a Final Project (illustrated book, graphic novel, hybrid formats...) developed throughout the course in direct collaboration with active professional publishers, which will facilitate the student's access to the professional market.

The final purpose of the Master in Illustration and Comics is for students to gain the experience, resources and critical capacity necessary to find their way in the current illustration and graphic narrative scene, in an era of dizzying technological and social change. The Master promotes a personal and collective transformation process towards singularity, since finding our own voice is absolutely necessary to develop a relevant career among the great variety of proposals that digital culture offers nowadays.

Where to study illustration and comic on Spain?

If you are thinking about studying illustration or comics in Spain but you still don't know where to go, you should know that Barcelona provides a unique setting, with a singular architecture and a particular culture that will help you enter the graphic language sector from an interdisciplinary and enriching perspective. In recent years, Barcelona has become the capital of design and comics in the country.

Studying illustration and comic in Barcelona

Barcelona is an open and diverse city that welcomes students and professionals from all over the world. It is known for its high quality of life, which is the reason why many companies and institutions have decided to establish their main activity centre in Barcelona. For all these reasons, it is now a reference city on a national and international scale.

In this sense, Elisava is undoubtedly one of the most recommended schools to study illustration and comics in Barcelona. Our advanced teaching system will provide you with the necessary tools to become the illustrator, cartoonist or editor that the changing sector of graphic languages demands.

Moreover, our school is located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city, renowned for its historical and cultural value and, most importantly, for its vitality. It is therefore an exceptional setting in which to take the first steps in your career and lay the foundations for your professional future.

  • Helping students to understand and incorporate the changes in illustration, cartoonist and graphic creative professions.
  • Giving the keys to gain visibility and relevance in the illustration, comic and graphic creation world.
  • Getting to know and experience the stages of work and achievement of a commercial and/or personal project.
  • Directly connecting students to outstanding professionals in the field nowadays.
  • Fostering each student's personal values and personal brand, helping to break pre-established mechanisms or judgements.
  • Transmitting sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to start or consolidate a career in the illustration and comic industry.
  • Introducing students to experimental languages and techniques so as to enhance their own uniqueness.
  • Experiencing at first hand the contemporary illustration scene.
  • Getting to know the key aspects of the main fields in which illustrators and cartoonists develop their profession.
  • Testing and comparing the knowledge acquired with the market requirements.
  • Delving deeper into the different graphic narrative phenomenologies.
  • Learning to tell stories through images and sequential graphic narrative, experimenting with form, text and time.
  • Experimenting with graphic language hybridisation in line with international cutting-edge experimental creation.
  • Conveying highly emotional and intellectually dense messages through drawing.
  • Becoming familiar with different creative and graphic language fields as a methodology of impact so as to find a singular creative voice.
  • Incorporating theoretical contents that broaden the vision of illustration and graphic design's historical panorama.
  • Knowing the necessary tools to conceive, develop and finish an editorial project at the optimal point to get in touch with publishers.
  • Empowering yourself to conceive and materialise a personal project.
Mery Cuesta

Mery Cuesta

Director of the Master in Illustration and Comic