Master in Illustration and Comics

With the Master in illustration and Comics you will find your own voice as an illustrator and draftsman, while expanding your skills and graphic languages ​​to successfully answer to the professional market requirements.

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With the Master in illustration and Comics you will find your own voice as an illustrator and draftsman, while expanding your skills and graphic languages ​​to successfully answer to the professional market requirements.


Master's Degree in Illustration and Comics.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Mery Cuesta

ECTS Credits



September to July


(+€450 registration fee)
Financing and grants



Access and admission requirements

Official university degree or equivalent to Graphic Design or Fine Arts. Portfolios and knowledge of illustration programs.
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What are the languages ​​and tools of the artist nowadays? In the Master in Illustration and Comics you will discover the challenges faced by a professional of illustration and comics in the Information Age.

We live in a boom of graphic languages ​​and, especially, comics and illustration. We do not refer only to its success as a market aesthetic or as a cultural product, but to the historical development of the personality of these languages. The new technological media are definitely transforming the profession of a draftsman, illustrator and editor. The range of possibilities increases both at a creative level and in the aspects of editing, production and distribution of work. This is how a movement of expansion in cultural consumption of products related to graphic expression is taking place today, as well as a migration of both the role of the creative and the public towards digital media.

The Master in Illustration and Comics combines an experimental facet with the deepening of several languages ​​and current tools that portray an expanded professional profile of the artist. In addition, the professional world of the draftsman and the graphic creative covers the international sphere, because technologies erase borders in the market. This Master course offers the keys to thrive in this new landscape, understanding the world as a global market and dissecting the business network (clients, representatives, gallerists, editors ...) around the graphic language field. The programme culminates in a publication (illustrated book, comic, hybrid formats ...) developed throughout the programme in direct collaboration with publishers and professionals in the world of publishing.

One of the most important goals of the Master in Illustration and Comics is to directly connect the student with the professional field, not only to prepare them, but to introduce them directly in the experience of dealing with the client through projects and assignments that serve as a gateway to the professional world. Therefore, the Master will develop several real projects for recognised publishers and companies, which allow students to professionally disseminate their work and assume the real parameters of relationship with the client, since the task of a graphic creator is, in essence, an act of communication.

The programme, which is half practical and half theoretical, provides the necessary tools, both technical and creative, so that each person finds his way in the current panorama of illustration and comics, in a dizzying moment of technological and social changes.

Where to study illustration and comic on Spain?

If you are thinking about studying illustration or comic in Spain but you still don't know which city to choose, you have to know that Barcelona represents a unique scenario, in which its unique architecture and its particular culture, will allow you to go deep into the graphic language sector from an enriching and interdisciplinary point of view. In the last few years, Barcelona has become the authentic design capital of the country.

Studying illustration and comic in Barcelona

Barcelona is an open and pluralistic city, which welcomes students and professionals from anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, its high quality of life is what makes it stand out, which is why different companies and entities have decided to establish their main businesses in Barcelona. Due to all this, it has become a city of reference on a national and international level. 

In this sense, and without any doubt, Elisava is one of the most recommended schools to study illustration and comics in Barcelona. Our advanced education system will provide you with the tools you need to become the illustrator, draftsman or editor that the changing sector of graphic languages requires. 

In addition, our school is located in one of the most emblematic areas of the city of Barcelona, recognized for its historical, cultural value and, above all, for its vitality. For all this, it represents an unparalleled framework in which to develop the first steps of your career and lay the foundations of your professional future. 

  • Helping students to seek, understand and take on the changes in the profession of draftsman and creative graphic.
  • Guiding the student to find his place in the international scene.
  • Giving the keys to succeed in the world of illustration, comics and graphic creation.
  • Knowing and experiencing all the phases of work and the achievement of a commercial project and / or a personal project.
  • Putting the student in direct contact with the most outstanding professionals in the sector at present, both nationally and internationally.
  • Enhancing the personal values ​​of each student and their personal brand, helping to break mechanisms or pre-established judgments.
  • Transmitting to the student the knowledge and enough experiences to be able to start his own career in the market of illustration and comics.
  • Introducing the student in experimental languages ​​and techniques to enhance their own uniqueness. Exploring and enhancing the voice of each person.
  • Mastery of illustrative, plastic and concept and synthesis criteria, as well as tools and techniques in the field of illustration and comics applied to:
    • A final personal project of a comic editing course, illustrated book or author's book.
    • Custom illustration projects for publishers, magazines, newspapers, advertising, illustrations for merchandising, branding, communication...
    • Digital projects (websites, apps, animations, video games, illustration for digital press).
    • Commercial projects for publishing, comics, illustrated books...
    • Exhibition personal projects.
    • Projects in various languages (tattoos, murals...).
  • Mastery of the work phases and professional planning of illustration projects and the elaboration of a graphic novel.
Mery Cuesta

Mery Cuesta

Director of the Master in Illustration and Comic