Master in Data Design

In this world of flat-earthers and “alternative facts”, transforming data into understandable and honest information is a matter of societal survival. Our Master in Data Design is a hands-on experience harnessing data for crafting information and making a change.

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In this world of flat-earthers and “alternative facts”, transforming data into understandable and honest information is a matter of societal survival. Our Master in Data Design is a hands-on experience harnessing data for crafting information and making a change.


Master's Degree in Data and Design.
Awarded by UVic-UCC.


Pau Garcia
Marc Panero

ECTS Credits



September to July


(+€450 registration fee)
Financing and grants



Access and admission requirements

Due to its particular transdisciplinary nature, the Master in Data Design is open to professionals and students from different educational backgrounds and experiences.
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In the Master in Data Design, we learn from the latest practices in research, data analysis, visualisation and storytelling to create projects beyond classical formats.

Nowadays, we have access to almost everything, anywhere and anytime, but that doesn't mean we know the world any better.

Last year we collectively generated, collected and stored more data than in the five previous millennia of recorded human history. We are addicted to those pushes on our phones but cannot process them.

We may have heard or read there has been a two-degree increase in the temperature of the planet or a 1.5 average in the dispersion of a virus, but we have no idea what that means.

Misinformation and fake news have become just as significant as factual information. Our role as information and data designers is vital for all these reasons. In this Master in Data Design, we will create tools to help our societies find their way in this chaotic scenario, creating empathetic systems capable of extracting meaning and communicating messages.

This is a call to expand the margins of standard data practices, information design, challenge conventional wisdom about data and answer questions like:

  • How does data visualisation influence our perception of the world?
  • Can we design our way out of data overload?
  • How can we cope with infoxication?
  • Can data design help societies shed some light on their reality and improve it?

We will address different disciplines: sociology, communication strategy or cartography, audiovisual research methods, and data science. We will deal with sound, storytelling or journalism to create all sorts of crossovers with a critical spirit and always from design.

We Work With Data of all kinds

Quantitative, geographic, emotional, irrational… using it as the raw material of all our projects. The core of the master is a practical, hands-on approach to data design, a project-based journey guided by an interdisciplinary group of professionals.

We think About Data

Giving context and depth to our practices and projects. We believe that the constant questioning of our work needs a solid understanding of the culture that informs it and the world that it inhabits.

We practice Around Data

Finding strategies in other disciplines or unusual places. Performance, drawing or cinema are off-limits to standard data practices but an invaluable source of inspiration for us.

All that, we do it From Design

Understanding it as a transversal discipline capable of affecting and influencing very different realities and contexts with infinite possibilities.


Marc Panero
Director of the Master in Visual Design, Master in Editorial Design, Master in Data Design and Master Beyond Packaging

Pau Garcia
Co-Founder and Director of Domestic Data Streamers. Director of the Master in Data Design

José Manuel Pérez Paadin
Founder of CCCC and Director of the Master in Data Design


  • Pablo Aragón, Research Scientist (Wikimedia Foundation).
  • Aleix Artigal, Founder (Familia).
  • Andreu Belsunces, Co-founder (Becoming Studio).
  • Bani Brusadin, Founder (The Influencers festival).
  • Gemma Busquets, Creative Director and Graphic Designer (Gemma Busquets Studio).
  • Rafa Castañer, Painter and Illustrator.
  • María Fabuel, Creative Director (Domestic Data Streamers).
  • Eduard Frigola, Software developer (Playmodes).
  • Axel Gasulla, Co-founder (Domestic Data Streamers and Akerblom Studio).
  • Raúl Goñi, Founder and Director (Goñi Studio).
  • Ane Guerra García de Albéniz, Co-founder (Agencia Letraherida).
  • Andrés Hispano, Audiovisual Producer (Soy Cámara experimental video lab – CCCB).
  • Gerald Kogler, Co-founder (ZZZinc).
  • Toni Llàcer, Research Consultant and professor of the Undergraduate Degree in Design (Elisava).
  • Eloi Maduell, Founder (Playmodes).
  • Alex Martí, Co-Founder (Codea Studio).
  • Mònica Molins Duran, Art Director (Sala Apolo).
  • Carla Molins Pitarch, Creative Technologist (Carla Molins Studio).
  • Matteo Moretti, Co-founder (
  • Félix Pérez-Hita, Co Director (Pantalles CCCB).
  • Esteban Piacentino, Data Scientist (Domestic Data Streamers).
  • Edgar Pons, Founder (The Social Coin).
  • Jose Rosales, Co-founder and Creative Director (Codea Studio).
  • Miquel Santasusana, Chief Operations Officer (Domestic Data Streamers).
  • Olga Subirós, Architect and Curator (Olga Subirós Studio).
  • Ricard Sunyol, Co-founder and Copywriter (Codea Studio).
  • Santi Vilanova, CEO and Sound Research (Playmodes).

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