Master Beyond Branding

Brands are created to give consistency and coherence to the communication of a product and, hopefully, to last and survive. But how can they adapt even when they are forced to evolve and question their core values? You find the answer in our Master Beyond Branding.

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Brands are created to give consistency and coherence to the communication of a product and, hopefully, to last and survive. But how can they adapt even when they are forced to evolve and question their core values? You find the answer in our Master Beyond Branding.


Master’s Degree Beyond Branding
Awarded by UVic-UCC. 


Albert Folch
Rafa Martínez



ECTS credits



September to July 


(+€450 registration fee)  


Access and admission requirements

Graduates in graphic design, advertising, communication and professionals with accredited experience. Exceptionally, graduates in marketing, fine arts or audiovisual with a demonstrable portfolio and advanced knowledge of design software.
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The Master Beyond Branding degree is a forward-thinking one-year programme exploring how brands and conceptualisation behave nowadays, analysing the current landscape of brand communication, and studying how global changes have influenced brands aesthetics and business models.

We believe branding has evolved far past logos and brand manuals due to the heavy influence of technology shifts and the Internet in the last 20 years—new forms of complexity in communicating them demand novel responses on those responsible for doing so. Contemporary corporate identities must adapt to a never before seen range of audiences, formats, devices and narratives.

The new communication paradigm calls for an organic behaviour of brands, adapting and changing in real-time. Audiences also have a new role, which has shifted from mere recipients to actors who mould and determine what a brand is or should be with the power their likes and shares give them. So, how do we build brands made to survive, thrive and last in these conditions? What’s the future of branding? With all this in mind, we will address:

  • What are the elements that a brand must have to survive an ever-changing panorama?
  • Where are brands heading in terms of communication?
  • What role do brands have today in the global conversation around politics and culture?
  • Which are the branding trends?
  • How does that affect brand communication?

The Master Beyond Branding proposes branding for a new era through:

  • Developing a critical and contemporary approach to brand building.
  • Studying branding from visual communication to the strategy and its connection to the brand ethos and values.
  • Creating tools to build brands for human beings and not «target» customers.

This master in branding aims to revolve around different areas of thought and explore paths in:

  • The evolution of brands through history.
  • The influence of digitalisation in brand communication.
  • The humanisation of brands.
  • Aspirational economy and how brands survive and thrive in a world where value is set on values and community.
  • Content creation and reflections on the attention economy.
  • Creation of flexible and versatile brands.
  • Creation of brand communication with a transmedia approach.
  • Understanding brands as social and cultural objects.
  • Understanding the bridge between marketing, advertising and design in today's media landscape.

An interdisciplinary and collaborative vision on brands

We understand brands to be holistic concepts.

With that in mind, teachers, students, guests, and experts from different perspectives and areas will create an environment where learning happens organically. You will attend classes, workshops and masterclasses, work on projects and analyse in case studies, all to join us in questioning the limits of brands in communication.

Finding your place in the brand spectrum

We will enable you to find your voice and path in the diverse world of brands by diving into different fields of brand building and the roles you can play in them:

  • What interests you the most?
  • What are the fields you want to explore?
  • How does your experience contribute to this specific area of branding?

We want our Master Beyond Branding students to become professionals able to join creative groups and companies with a critical mindset.


The theory behind the current changes regarding brands.

Zeitgeist and strategic foresight

Analysis sessions to unwrap the strategy behind the current cultural products and brands.

Brands in the making

The foundation of brands is broken down into three primary capsules.

Building brands

Practical projects that explore the limits of branding.


Exploratory, interdisciplinary workshops.

Acid pills

Talks from inspiring and talented creatives related to creativity and brands.


Albert Folch
Creative Director and Founder (Folch Studio). 

Rafa Martínez
COO & Head of Business & Strategy (Folch Studio). 


  • Nicolás Cevallos, Researcher and Digital Strategist (Folch Studio.).
  • Josep Puy, Creative Director (Folch Studio, Acid House and White Horse).
  • Josep Román, Art Director and Graphic Designer. Founder (Affaire Studio).
  • Camilo Roa, Art Director and Co-Founder (Rèplica Studio).
  • Bis Turnor, Editor-in-Chief and PR (Eldorado).

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