TypeJuly - Manuel Krebs (Norm)

Modular typefaces as a design tool

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Modular typefaces as a design tool


July 2022 (TBC)




Experiment, curiosity, order, structure


All levels are welcome.

Who can apply

Graphic & Type Designers (the good, the bad, the ugly).

Knowledge/experience required

See 'Who can apply'.


Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

When the day ends and the night begins, there is the moment when it is not clear which of the two it belongs to. In French this moment is called ‘entre chien et loup’, between dog and wolf. In a way, this moment also exists in typography, the writing is the day and the image is the night. And exactly so there is the flowing border between the graphic designer and the type designer, because from when on is the graphic designer a type designer and the type designer a graphic designer? This workshop is about these grey areas.


This workshop focuses on the development of modular fonts. An inventory of modules that allow, in combination, the creation of letters, will be developed. The modules are the molecules of the project. To apply the modules, tools will be developed to create and reproduce them. The aim is to have control over the entire production process (literally) in one’s own hands. Thus, conventional working processes will be questioned and the direct influence of the tools on aesthetics will be made clear. The process is determined by the pairs of opposites experiment/curiosity, vs. order/structure.


Standard tools for digital work. The school will supply the necessary drawing materials, though the participants are welcome to bring their own.

  • Introduction to the brief.
  • Individual discussions on project.
  • Group discussions on project.
  • Presentation.

Manuel Krebs studied Graphic Design at the School of Applied Arts in Biel-Bienne. Established together with Dimitri Bruni the graphic design studio Norm in 1999, in 2007 Ludovic Varone joins the studio. Norm focuses on designing and publishing books and typefaces. Book design includes self-commissioned research in the field of type and graphic design, the most relevant being 'Norm: Introduction' and 'Norm: The Things'. Commissions include numerous collaborations with museums (MoMA; Tate Modern, Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Triennale Milano, Kunsthaus Zurich, Museum for Gestaltung Zurich) and artists (Fischli & Weiss, Simon Starling, Christian Marclay…).

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