Living in Barcelona

Why should you choose Barcelona if you are thinking about taking a Degree, a Postgraduate or a Master programme? Well, because this city has the privilege of being cosmopolitan, it has an internationally recognised architecture, culture and gastronomy, it is a well-connected city and, of course, the country's design capital. If you are still not completely convinced, think about a city where the weather is great and there is a beach.

Barcelona is a city with an open spirit that offers its inhabitants a great quality of life. Its excellent educational and recreational offer; your safety, the efficiency of your transportation and health services; and an attractive climate that invites you to enjoy the life of the city has made it one of the most requested European cities.

Barcelona is also known as a city that lives for design, which is a discipline that permeates the entire urban space with public facilities (Disseny Hub), museums (Museu del Disseny), art galleries, associations (FAD, BCD), halls of exhibitions and showrooms, as well as restaurants, bookstores or establishments of all kinds that distil their own identity through their furniture, lighting, commercial signs, etc. The city is a real magnet for creative people and designers from all over the world who are attracted by the latest trends and sees the ecosystem that surrounds them as a stimulus to develop their creativity, especially on the dates close to the Barcelona Design Week, which takes place during June. All this makes the city one of the best European destinations for students.

Elisava is located on La Rambla, in the heart of Barcelona, ​​and a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the most emblematic areas of the city, internationally recognized both for its historical and cultural value and for its vitality. La Rambla, the Gothic quarter, buildings, museums, shops and many of the city's points of interest are reachable on foot from Elisava and, on the other hand, public transport makes any destination of interest within easy reach.

In order to facilitate the stay for students who come from abroad, Elisava maintains agreements with different residences and accommodation services that offer special conditions for their students.

List of residences and accommodation services with agreement with the School

Cotown (20% discount for Elisava students)
Tel. 93 414 18 50 /

Loca Barcelona (10% discount for Elisava students)
+34 934 675 267 /

Inlife (10% discount for Elisava students)
Tel. +351 913 531 687 /

The Social Hub Barcelona Poblenou (5% discount for Elisava students)
Tel. +34 932207279 /

The Lofttown
Tel. 93 625 89 00

Room Housing
Tel. 93 164 21 22

Àgora BCN International University Residence
Tel.  93 166 90 00

Resa University Residences Pere FelipMonlau
Tel. 93 394 31 00

Resa University Residences Investigadors
Tel. 93 443 86 10

University Residence Tagaste
Tel.  93 412 78 02

barcelonaresidencias / barcelonadesignflats
Tel. 93 414 18 50 / 

Altiro - Accommodations in Barcelona
Telf. 93 253 04 27 / 661 285 892 

Residence Reina de la Pau
Tel. 93 315 15 08

San Marius University Residences
Tel. 607 92 79 37

Sarrià University Residence
Tel. 93 206 55 40

Apartment Barcelona
Tel. 93 481 35 77


Barcelona has 12 metro lines that can be identified by their number or colour. These lines reach virtually every corner of the city and its frequency is about 3 minutes on weekdays. Thanks to TMB, metro transport subscriptions are also valid in the bus, tram and NitBus networks, in the Generalitat railways (FGC) and in Renfe (zone 1).

In addition, TMB prices are very economical, since the T-10 ticket (which includes 10 trips on any of the network's transports) is worth only € 10.20. On the other hand, the T-month ticket of an area allows unlimited travel for 30 consecutive days for only € 43.50. If you are under 25 years old, you can get a T-jove pass with a duration of 3 months for € 105.

The metro schedules allow the city to be in constant operation:

  • From Monday to Thursday, Sundays and holidays: 05h-24h.
  • Friday and holiday eves: 05h-2h.
  • Saturdays and Vespers from 01/01, 24/06, 15/08 and 24/09: 24 h service.

If you have any questions, or to know the different metro rates, visit the TMB website.

Urban bus and NitBus

Barcelona's bus fleet covers more than 80 lines to reach every corner of the city. All TMB buses are adapted for people with reduced mobility and, thanks to the night bus service (NitBus), the city enjoys an uninterrupted service.

Bicing and electric Bicing

Bicing is urban transport based on bicycle sharing. A simple, practical and sustainable service wherever and whenever you want. Bicing is understood as a means of transport to move from one point to another. For this reason, the first thirty minutes of each trip are included in the annual subscription fee (€ 47.16). From there, you will pay a few cents depending on the time you use the bicycle, with a maximum of two hours per trip. The electric Bicing network is totally complementary to the current Bicing network and costs € 14 per year plus 45 cents per trip (less than 30 min).


If you are not familiar with the concept of motosharing, this service offers the possibility of renting a motorcycle, in this case electric to move from one place to another paying only the minutes you use it. You will find the helmet inside the trunk of the motorcycle, which will open when you activate it. Each motosharing company has a mobile application that allows you to locate the nearest motorbike. With the application you can book and use the bike to go anywhere you want. The three motosharing services of the city are eCooltra, Motit and Yego.

Other transports

Besides the metro and the bus, the city has six tramlines, funiculars, long-distance bus stations, a high frequency of taxis and an international airport.

Barcelona will be a more or less expensive city depending on your country of origin. To plan your stay a little bit better, we offer you a quick summary of the main monthly expenses you can have. Keep in mind that the amounts are approximate and may vary depending on the type of accommodation, the area and your lifestyle.


Room in a shared flat

Student’s residence


300-500 €

500-800 €


200 €

200 €


50 €

50 €


200 €

200 €


750-950 €

950-1.250 €