Live a study abroad experience

06 Apr 2022

Elisava’s Study Abroad programme offers a comprehensive look at design and new opportunities that come with it. It is a 15-week programme entirely taught in English that offers a wide variety of courses that complement student’s training according to their interests during a semester abroad.

At Elisava we understand design and engineering as instruments to question and construct the social, technological, environmental and ethical dimensions of the world in which we live through creativity and critical reflection.

Elisava Study Abroad offers to our international students an approach to design through different courses depending on their design background: from culture, history, art, architecture and some basic and advanced design principles, to specialized courses in interior spaces, typography and graphic design, furniture and product design, retail design and visual merchandising, motion graphics and visual communication, packaging design or food design.

Why study abroad in Barcelona?

Are you looking for design courses abroad? If you want to study abroad in Barcelona, Elisava is the perfect option for you! Barcelona it’s a city with an open spirit that offers its inhabitants a great quality of life, which is perfect if you want to become a student abroad. Its excellent educational and recreational offer, the efficiency of public transportation and health services, and an attractive climate that invites you to enjoy the life of the city has made it one of the most requested European cities if you want to study design overseas.

Barcelona is the perfect option for study design abroad, specially if you are thinking about having a study abroad experience in Spain. It is a multicultural city with a creative environment where different disciplines and knowledge areas merge, making the city an ideal option if you want to become an international student and take part in a short term study abroad experience.

Whether it is for its gastronomy, weather, architecture or cosmopolitan environment, if you want to become part of a community of international students abroad while you take design courses in Barcelona and have a Spain study abroad experience, Barcelona and Elisava are the perfect option for you.