Letter of motivation for a master’s degree

03 May 2021

The letter of motivation for a Master’s degree is a document that we need to present our candidacy for a place in the educational centre where we want to study. In it, we explain who we are, what motivates us to study the Master’s degree for which we are applying, why we want to study it at that particular university, etc.

It is important to focus all our efforts on the writing, as a good Master’s motivation letter will help us to achieve our goal of studying the Master’s degree we want to study at the university we want.

How to write a university cover letter?

The university cover letter is a formal presentation of who you are and why you believe that studying at the university you are applying to is essential for your education.

First of all, you have to know how to sell yourself very well, confidently, but with solid arguments. The people who read your letter have to perceive your desire, but also your intellectual solidity and your preparation. Therefore, when you write your Master’s motivation letter, you must be able to present your skills and aptitudes in a convincing way.

The text should reflect your personality in such a way that you can already read some of your personality traits at a glance.

Example of a motivation letter for a Master’s programme

In order to prepare a letter of motivation for a Master’s degree, it is important to have a structure from which to work on the content of the letter. Being able to build the letter with an order that allows us to shape it and structure it coherently and work from a sample letter of motivation for university entrance can be really useful and effective. Here we propose an example of a motivational letter for a Master’s degree:

  • Introduction and initial greeting: This is our presentation, where we briefly summarise our academic career.
  • Motivations and development of the letter: This is the most important part of any motivation letter for university or Master’s degree. Here you should state in as much detail as possible why you consider yourself a perfect candidate for admission to that university. For example, you can state the reasons why you want to take the Master’s degree and the academic experience or other projects you have had in relation to the subject in question.
  • Work experience: It is interesting that you underline and highlight the possible work experience you have had with the subject to be studied. This is very important in the letter of motivation for a Master’s degree, since the quality and trajectory of the work experience can be decisive.
  • Conclusions and final words: This is the time for acknowledgements, especially to the people you are addressing. Emphasise your gratitude for the dedication and time they have invested in reading your motivation letter. In some way, you should also show your anticipation for the response, without appearing anxious. It is important that they perceive how important this application is to you and that you will give the best of your abilities if you receive an invitation to study at their school.

We at Elisava hope that these guidelines have helped you to prepare your letter of motivation for the Master’s degree and that you can apply them when writing your own.