Javier Peña begins a new trilogy of ‘ELEMENTOS’, his saga of novels about the life of matter

01 Feb 2022
Cover of “La Génesis”

What would have happened if the realities of Tesla, Lamarck and Bernard had prevailed over those of Einstein, Darwin and Pasteur? What kind of world would we be living in today? Would it be a world in which H2O and air would not have owners and would belong to everyone equally? Would the Periodic Table planet be a possible future of our present?

These and other questions are at the genesis of Elementos 4, by Javier Peña, Managing Director of Elisava; a book for all audiences and with several readings starring a group of humanized elements of the periodic table, with their concerns, emotions and desires, in which the author reflects on the need to teach the language of the elements from the beginning of school education, as it is done with the language associated with numbers, letters and musical notes.

The beginning of a new trilogy

Elementos 4. La Génesis marks a departure from the previous installments of the saga, with the beginning of a new trilogy in which the end is always the beginning. A reflection on the beginning of life after the Apocalypse and the creation of the new planet Periodic Table. A beginning of life (water, cells, plants, animals) narrated in adventure format.

Thus, water and fire, beginning and end, will be the poles that allow the author to talk about the structuring of the language of the elements. A language of all and for all that, through new characters such as Agus (a Silver), Tina (a Platinum) and Rubio (a Gold), will allow the reader to live a myriad of new emotions and discover a new world full of opportunities..

In addition to its literary format, Elementos has had a YouTube chanel for some months now, which complements and expands the project’s informative objective.