Industrial design engineering: The most frequent career prospects

03 Apr 2023

One of the most relevant aspects for students before choosing a university career is to know what career opportunities the degree offers.

The Degree in Industrial Design Engineering offers many professional opportunities in the different sectors involved in the development of everyday life. In today’s post we detail which are the most frequent job opportunities for industrial design engineering students and which are the most demanded sectors.

Where can an industrial design engineer work?

Industrial design engineering aims to add value to a product in an innovative, creative and environmentally friendly way. For this reason, the industrial engineer must be a multidisciplinary professional who is capable of developing projects and offering effective solutions in a multitude of sectors. For example, in the automotive, industrial equipment, textile industry, digital applications (design and development of websites and mobile applications, augmented reality and virtual reality), the bioengineering and sustainability sector, experimenting with biodegradable materials, circular design or environmental analysis of products; in addition to many other sectors that need professionals who can intervene in research and development processes to carry out projects that offer solutions to real problems.

Industrial design engineers can opt for employment in both the public and private sectors, offering technical consultancy services in the development of projects, participating in the marketing of products, carrying out measurements, appraisals, studies, reports, appraisals and plans for industrial machinery, designing infrastructure for industrial sectors, transport, medicine, food, biotechnology…

As mentioned above, the industrial design engineer must be a multidisciplinary person, capable of providing solutions in different areas and sectors of society. Some of the most demanded sectors for engineers are the following:

  • Transportation and mobility
  • Consumer electronics
  • Wearables
  • Biomedicine
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Digital applications
  • Sustainability

As we have seen, there are many sectors that require graduates in industrial engineering who are able to participate in product design, manufacturing processes, create computer-assisted software, carry out industrial design projects, work in the automotive industry, promote digitization and modernization, develop packaging and packaging for different industries, among many others. Some of the career opportunities in industrial design engineering are the following:

  • Industrial product designer
  • Responsible for the development of production processes
  • Industrial design manager
  • Industrial design and product development consultant
  • Quality and production manager
  • Industrial product marketing manager
  • Responsible for research, development and innovation in industrial design
  • Industrial design and product development teacher
  • Industrial design and product development researcher

Industrial design engineering

In general, we can say that there are many sectors that require professional industrial engineers among their staff. It is worth mentioning that it is also a very well-paid profession. Many students believe that it is worth the time and effort spent in their training to find a job in companies and institutions of great international recognition.

Where to study industrial design engineering?

Elisava is a design and engineering school where you can study the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering in Barcelona. It is a degree that aims to train engineering professionals capable of developing projects and providing solutions in various fields and sectors. The degree has an innovative and entrepreneurial vision on learning, it offers a training entirely taught by professional experts involved in the engineering sector.

Elisava is a university with an international projection, which is why some of its subjects are taught in English, in addition to offering students the opportunity to study the 3rd year abroad with the Erasmus European scholarship program. Elisava trains future professional design engineers in demand by large private and public companies. If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, do not hesitate to consult our Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, you can also contact us through the email to solve your doubts.