Furniture and Context. Furniture Design


Ricard Ferrer

Duration / Schedule

July, 12-16 2021 (25 hours)
From 4.00 p.m. to 9.15 p.m.




Introduction / Intermediate


€ 520


Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

The Summer School course suggests an immersion through the approach to a specific model of production, the one of furniture’s editing, which includes from small editing companies founded by the same designers, in a self-production model, to consolidated companies, which are a referent in the sector’s avant-garde.

To understand the editing of furniture as a complete project that introduces a particular narrative in its definition, characteristic of the differential interests of a brand or manufacturer. In this development, the product is yet another element that must be coherent with the made speech, have the ability to go beyond the project to become a tool that communicates its own values and attributes and forms an existing catalogue.

During the Summer School course, the making of a project for the company BD Barcelona Design and several master classes will be combined. The master classes will be carried out by renowned professionals within the sector and will be about focusing on those key aspects of the project’s development and on introducing the reality of the sector to the students.

Day 1:

  • Course’s introduction at the company’s Showroom, 1h.
  • Project, goals and methodology, 2h.
  • Master class about manufacturing processes and design basic guidelines in the definition of new products, 2h.

Day 2:

  • Master class, 2h. Introduction to reference profiles in the editing and self-manufacturing.
  • Project’s development, 3h. Areas and typologies of activity / Discussion.

Day 3:

  • Project’s development, 5h. Monitoring of the proposals in an assembly format.

Day 4:

  • Project’s development, 5h. Monitoring and development of the proposals in a shared-assembly format.

Day 5:

  • Presentation of the projects, 3-4h.
  • Master class, 1-2h. Ways and styles. An introduction to the furniture’s sector.
  • Closing of the course.

*Some activity/visit could be affected by the situation generated by COVID-19 at the time of the course, but always covering the course content.

Ricard Ferrer
He is an industrial designer and director/professor of the Master’s Degree in Furniture Design of the Elisava School. Once he finished his studies, he trained in the furniture’s sector with Carles Riart. In 1995 he worked as a freelance designer for companies of different sectors. In 1999 he founded Ricard Ferrer Barcelona, design studio in which he consolidates his initiated career.

Ana Zuera
Architect trained at the School of Barcelona (ETSAB UPC) and at the Polytechnic of Milan, she specialized in furniture design in Elisava. Since he finished his studies he has developed his professional skills in renowned architecture studies in Barcelona. He currently works at B720 Architects and combines his work in the studio with several personal projects.


Otto Canalda
He started out in the business from the kitchen of the industry. Once he finished his studies at ELISAVA he collaborated with the Department of New Product Development at BD Barcelona Design. Additionally, he developed projects for other renowned companies together with Ramon Úbeda.

Students and professionals, Product Designers, Interior Designers, Architects, Product Engineers.

Basic knowledge of 2D/3D representation.

Laptop and graphic material to work on the project and its presentation.

Elisava students have a special discount of 25% of the price in the following programmes: ‘Creación y Renderizado de Objetos y Espacios’ and ‘Las Herramientas del Diseñador Gráfico: Crea, Retoca y Presenta con Suite Adobe’.

The students of the summer course ‘Sustainable Materials for Design’ who decide to take the ‘Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials’ will have a discount corresponding to the amount of the summer course in the master’s price.

Discounts before 15 April *

Participation in a course: 100% of the course price is paid.
Participation in two courses: 100% of the first course is paid and the second course has a 15% discount.
Participation in three or more courses: 100% of the first course is paid, the second course has a 15% discount and the third and subsequent courses have a 20% discount.

Discounts for Alumni Bold *

Participation in a course: 15% Alumni Bold discount
Participation in two courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount on the first course and 20% discount on the second course.
Participation in three or more courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount in the first course, 20% discount in the second and third courses and 25% discount in the following courses.

* All discounts will correspond to the amount of the course with the lowest value.

From April 16, only the standard 15% discount will apply for Alumni Bold.

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