Functions and salary of an industrial design engineer

There is a wide variety of engineering areas; in general, all of them are focused on solving problems that may arise in different areas of society, but it is worth noting that each of them masters a specific discipline that focuses on offering specific solutions in its sector. In today’s post, we will tell you about the main functions and salaries of an industrial design engineer, as well as some details about Elisava’s Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

What is the field of work of an industrial design engineer?

Industrial design engineers have the creative and scientific skills to make proposals that add value to a product or service.

Industrial design engineers participate in all product development processes, from its conception to its development and subsequent production and distribution. This professional profile must be capable of proposing ideas, inventing new devices, carrying out research, performing mathematical calculations and designing aesthetic and creative solutions, as well as managing projects and developing prototypes, all taking into account their target public’s needs, and providing business value proposals in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.

Industrial design engineers can join creative design teams, and research and development teams, carry out technical consultancy work, train future engineers, be entrepreneurs, and manage projects, among many other functions within the scope of their creative, technical and scientific knowledge. In short, the industrial designer is a multidisciplinary person who has a wide range of knowledge to design and develop products and services.

Some of their fields of work are the following:

  • Analysis and diagnosis in product development and industrial processes
  • Market and competitiveness analysis to detect new needs
  • Development of models and prototypes
  • Consultancy and advisory services
  • Public administration
  • Teaching and research

Industrial design engineers operate in the fields of design, development, supervision and production of a product from an aesthetic, structural and functional point of view.

How much does an industrial design engineer earn?

The average salary of an industrial design engineer in Spain ranges from around €25,000 per year for junior engineers to around €50,000 per year for more experienced engineers.

In general, engineering can be considered one of the highest paid professions in the workplace. Engineers are recognised as important and highly regarded figures in society for their contributions in developing projects that provide solutions for different sectors of goods and services.

Where is an industrial design engineer trained?

Industrial design engineers are trained in higher education centres such as universities. Elisava is a faculty that specialises in engineering and industrial design in Barcelona, which offers training to future engineers through its Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. This degree provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop projects, with the aim of finding real solutions through design, science and technology. If you are interested, you can also consult this other post about the different branches of engineering.