Food Design Workshop with students of the Master Beyond Branding with the chef Ricard Martínezz

As a part of the ‘Identity through Food Design’ workshop that took place this month, the Master Beyond Branding (@thisisbeyondbranding) partnered up with the professional chef Ricard Martínez (@ricmaiz) to understand how the identity of something as cherished, treasured and rooted as the traditional Catalan dish ‘pa amb tomàquet’ (tomato bread) can be reinterpreted and subverted by translating its most essential characteristics divergently.

Throughout the session, students first envisioned how the recipe could be modified and tasted two possible evolutions of it, the first one consisting of a breaded gummy jelly topped with oil droplets and the second one being a liquid deconstruction in the form of a refreshing sorbet.

During the second part of the session, the group had the chance to work on their own reinterpretation of the dish from the food design perspective, not only coming up with a new proposal, but also bringing to the table related aspects such as community building, production responsibility, and experience delineation.

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Workshop led by Mariana Eidler.