‘Fix’, ‘ATOM’ and ‘Gil’, projects by students of our Undergraduate Degrees, winners of the iF Design Student Award

10 May 2023

(News updated on July 6th, 2023)

The Degree in Industrial Design Engineering projects ‘Fix’ and ‘ATOM’, and ‘Gil’, from the Degree in Design, have won the iF Design Student Award, a prestigious international event that recognises the best student projects from all over the world. The three Elisava projects have stood out among the 7,000 proposals from 56 countries around the world that have been presented in the latest edition of the awards.

The students who designed the winning projects were invited by the organisation to travel to Istanbul, where the awards ceremony was held at the end of June. Watch their video of the experience.


‘ATOM, Green Hydrogen Generator’ proposes the generation of fuel through hydrogen storage. The project has won the second edition of the imaginPlanet Challenge, an initiative that supports young people with entrepreneurial ideas to fight climate change. Both students travelled last summer to Silicon Valley, in the United States, to receive advice on obtaining a working prototype of their product.

Students: Anna Martin and Marcel Rovira

FIX Project

FIX Project – Stop the release of microplastics’ is a project in collaboration with Girbau Lab, focused on recovering the wet solid waste from washing machines, which contains microplastics, to turn it into a new material, thus generating value and preventing it from ending up in the environment. It seeks to raise awareness of the environmental impact of microplastics.

Students: Maria Mei Bellsolà, Mario Sanz and Núria Fandos


Vibrator designed for people with functional diversity that is fixed on the user’s bed, between the bed base and the mattress. Made of metal, plastic, fabric and silicone; adjustable and waterproof. Project in collaboration with Fundació Arrels.

Students: Bernat Rucabado Massana, Clara Talens Martin-Borregón, Lorenzo Silvestri, Nora Anouk Waldisphüel, Maria Queralt Font Sabadell, Sara Ayter Codina


Another student project from the Undegraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering has been nominated:


‘BYŌDŌ – The Math Game-System’ is a game system based on numbered hexagonal tiles, which aims to end the negative connotation of mathematics through an educational and playful tool.

Students: Eva Vela and Gabriel Alcaide


In addition to these projects from the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, two projects by students from the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Development were also nominated:


‘Amaia – Redesigning the breast-pump’ is a hospital-grade electric breast pump designed to put an end to the negative experience of having to use a current breast pump, making breastfeeding a comfortable and painless process. It features a pressure mechanism that mimics baby’s natural movement and complements the usual vacuum suction mechanism.

Students: Jorge González, Elena González, Javier Martínez, Tania Bonilla, Carlos Casal, Maitena Pemán.


‘Lazo – physical restraints in hospital context’ is a patient safety device that replaces total movement restriction with dynamic and controlled restraint with the aim of reducing both physical and psychological injuries, while ensuring the safety of patients and professionals.

Students: Mario Marco, Pablo Paniagua, Philippe Jeanneret and Carlos Valdés.


The Jury will choose the winning projects on 17 May, and the winners will be announced at a ceremony in Istanbul on 21 June. The winners will have the chance to win up to €50,000. Best of luck to the nominees!