FAQ Elisava COVID-19

Collective measures

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation
Before reopening the campus, we are doing cleaning and disinfection work on our facilities. From September, the common areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly with disinfectants, as well as ventilating all spaces whenever possible.

Facilities are limited. Each classroom, workshop or laboratory will have a new maximum capacity, which will be indicated at the entrance of each space.

Use of workshops and laboratories
Outside the scope of the subjects, workshops and laboratories must be booked in advance. 

Safety regulations
We are all responsible for preventing the spread of the virus by taking the following measures:

+ Do not come to school if you have any symptoms: fever, headache or sore throat, runny nose, decreased sense of smell / taste, diarrhea / vomiting.
+ Use hydroalcoholic gel before entering.
+ Always wear a mask to access and move within the school.
+ Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or hydroalcoholic gel.
+ Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
+ Avoid physical contact with others.
+ Keep the safety distance (1.5m).
+ Avoid congestion in the busiest areas (building entrance, classrooms...).
+ Before using a computer or other shared material, sanitize it.
+ Respect the signs that are visible at the school.

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