FAQ COVID-19 Masters and Postgraduates

The safety of everyone is very important for the Elisava Community. That is why we have created this information which will surely clarify some questions you may have.

Does Elisava plan to start its Master and Postgraduate programmes as usual?

The pre-enrolment process for the next calls goes on. Elisava is planning the new course as per usual, with classroom-based training, basically. However, you will be able to do a small part of the activities on the virtual platform, always taking advantage of the opportunities this platform offers. In any case, Elisava is ready to face the sanitary and safety measures the authorities dictate at all times, in case they occur.

What happens if Elisava cancels my programme because of COVID-19?

If Elisava cancels any Master or Postgraduate programme because of COVID-19, students will be informed as soon as possible and will be offered two options:

  • Start the programme on the following edition (maintaining the current price).
  • Refund the total amount of the already-made payments so far.

Will Elisava compensate me for other expenses derived from the cancellation of the course? For example, plane tickets or housing rent?

No, Elisava will not be responsible for the expenses derived from the cancellation of the course. Elisava will only refund all the already-made payments of the enrolment.

What happens if I cannot get to Elisava because of the situation caused by COVID-19?

If a student cannot get to Elisava in time to start their Master or Postgraduate programme because of the official causes derived from COVID-19, they will be offered three options as long as they can provide an official certificate:

  • Start the programme by following the sessions through the online platform until they can join the course on-site.
  • Start the course on the next edition, with the corresponding reservation.
  • Refund the total amount of the already-made payments so far, which means losing the preference right for future editions.

What happens if classes are interrupted due to COVID-19?

If once the classes have started, a new State of Emergency is declared or special sanitary measures are taken and classes are interrupted, Elisava will continue its classes. It will do so by maintaining the sessions and the everyday direct contact with professors through the virtual platform. This will be the case while the exceptionality lasts and until the on-site activity can be resumed. Elisava, just like in the current edition of Master and Postgraduate programmes, will adapt its methodology to make the online courses possible. Quality and rigorousness of the programmes will not be affected. Regarding safety measures, Elisava will follow all prevention protocols that the competent sanitary authorities establish. The school will take all necessary prevention measures to guarantee the safety and wellness of all students and workers.

What recommendations do I have to take into account to make the most of the course follow-up on the different scenarios?

In any of the situations, it will be important that you have:

  • A laptop with sufficient capacity.
  • A home internet connection with a sufficient capacity and speed connection. 

How are the sessions on the virtual platform?

On the virtual platform, lessons are given in real time with the professors, in the same (or similar) timetable as the on-site lessons. In this way, the same interaction that they have in classrooms is maintained on the virtual platform through the computer. If the sanitary situations allows for it, training classes (workshops, visits…) will always be on-site.

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