Everything you should know about Branded Content

09 May 2023

If you’ve reached this post, you’re likely interested in the marketing and advertising world and want to know more about Branded Content. In this post we’ll teach you what Branded Content is, its main characteristics, the future challenges of branding, and the characteristics of our Master Beyond Branding.

¿What is Branded Content?

Branded Content consist in connecting a brand with some specific values. Brands aim to communicate better and generally use storytelling in order to connect with the feelings and emotions of the users. Nonetheless, the ambit of branding is changing to adapt to the current reality: ads are no longer the same as they were before and invasive advertising has ran obsolete; a changing environment that forces brands to evolve and question their most fundamental values in order to adapt and keep existing beyond voluble context.

For this, it’s important to learn how brands currently behave and in what way global changes are influencing and modifying their aesthetic and business model. A reality that is also generating new forms of communication that require new technological, narrative and format answers. Definitively, a more organic behaviour that enables them to adapt and change.

Audiences are acquiring a new role, going from being mere receptors to determining actors for brands, influencing them through their interactions on social media

In this context, it is worth asking where brands are heading in terms of communication; what role brands play today in areas such as politics and culture; or what the current trends in branding are.

Characteristics of Branded Content

In this context, quality content and offering entertainment to consumers have become two of the pillars of current branding. However, Branded Content goes beyond sharing content.

Branded Content offers sensations and values ​​related to the brand. In this way, Branded Content focuses on appealing to the emotions of its audience and connecting with the needs of the client.

In this sense, the contents must be designed to be able to retain users and, at the same time, help the brand obtain a notoriety and reputation that allows it to stand out from its competitors.

In short, Branded Content is a non-invasive and natural technique that, together with good communication, will help in obtaining good results, creating a community and improving awareness.

Branded Content Master

At Elisava we offer The Master Beyond Branding, which will allow you to learn the latest trends in Branded Content and give greater consistency and coherence to the communication of your projects.

The Beyond Branding Master proposes a branding appropriate to this new reality based on the development of a critical and current approach to brand building, and providing the necessary tools to build brands aimed at people and not “target” customers.

To this end, this master’s degree addresses different aspects and areas of thought that range from the historical evolution of brands and the influence of digitization on their communication, to their humanization, their values ​​or their versatility. It also focuses on content creation and the economy of attention, and on the analysis of the current media context, in which there is a growing interrelationship between marketing, advertising and design.

The Beyond Branding Master offers an interdisciplinary and collaborative vision of brands, understanding them as holistic concepts and questioning their limits. A program that will allow you to find your voice and your place in the complex world of brands based on the analysis of your interests, the fields you want to explore, your role as a brand or your own experience in the field of branding.