Esperanza, by Laia Armengol, second prize at CODIC Awards, and Cal Viva, by Lara Villaroya, finalist

Esperanza, Final Degree Project by Laia Armengol, student of the Degree in Design (Mention in Space Design), won the second award out of the 25 CODIC Awards in the Degree category.

The Jury mentioned the great study made by the author. They also highlighted the will of “suggesting a versatile project that can be extrapolated to other spaces, with complete, beautiful and ideal results to the objectives considered”.

Esperanza, tutorised by María José Araya and Anna María del Corral, suggests a new approach for waiting rooms in health centres. It is inspired on a personal experience to become a social challenge. It aims to transform the waiting time into a nice and positive moment, focused on making the users’ experience better. The project contemplates the creation of two spaces that generate wellbeing atmospheres and promote positive emotions. The proposal was developed on a reticular and modular base that analyses every spatial aspect and is adaptable to any health building.

On the other hand, the awards recognized as a finalist the project Cal Viva, by Lara Villaroya, tutorised by Daria de Seta, Massimo Menichinelli and Albert Fuster; a Final Degree Project focused on redesigning two spaces in Genalguacil, Malaga, that incorporate the aesthetic and traditions in the streets to interior spaces, turning them into educational spaces about the town’s history.

The prize-giving ceremony of the 25 CODIC Awards took place on December 14 and counted once more with the presence of companies, institutions, professionals, communicators and collegiate members, as well as representatives of a new wave of interior designers recently graduated.