Elisava’s Treball de Recerca Awards are presented to final year Senior High School students from all over Catalonia

Elisava has recently awarded the first Treball de Recerca Awards to the best research papers developed during the 2022-2023 academic year in public, private or state-subsidised secondary schools throughout Catalonia. In total we received 61 works: 39 from the province of Barcelona (including 9 from Barcelona city); 9 from Lleida; 6 from Girona and 6 from Tarragona.

To be eligible to participate, the works had to be original and unpublished, and be thematically situated in the interactions between the fields of design, creativity, technology, engineering and sustainability, areas that the Elisava Research Paper Awards seek to encourage.

The 1st prize, worth 600 euros, went to Martí Mota Llobet, from the Alexandre Deulofeu Secondary School in Figueres, who presented the project “L’energia del que queda” (The energy of what remains), tutored by Anna Maria Ortega.

Claudia Marco Vidal, from the Ramon Berenguer IV Secondary School in Amposta, won the second prize of 300 euros for her work “La clofolla de l’arròs en forma d’aplicador” (The rice hull in the form of an applicator), supervised by Núria Arias. And the 3rd prize, worth 150 euros, went to the project “Gomu”, by the student Katrina Estévez Pato, from the Daina Isard school in Olesa de Montserrat, and tutored by Joan Riera.

The jury of the awards, made up of the academic director and the heads of studies of the Degree in Design and Innovation and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, took into account aspects such as the innovative nature of the work, its entrepreneurial capacity and its contribution to society and the scientific field; creativity, originality and complexity in the approach to the subject; the methodology used, and the personal and critical vision of the subject analysed.