Elisava Summer Campus

Elisava Summer Campus
Elisava Summer Campus
Elisava Summer Campus

Basic data


From June 27 to July 1 (20 hours)


10.00 a.m. —  2.00 p.m.




270 €


Are you thinking of studying the Degree in Design or the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering in Elisava? Do you want to know how design and engineering face the social challenges of today's world (environment, migration crisis, identity, gender)? Do you know which technologies are build our future (3D printing, motion capture, physical computing)?

If so, you will surely be interested in Elisava Summer Campus, a practical immersion courses in the world of design and engineering aimed at high school students.

If you want more information, write us at summercampus@elisava.net.


Day 1

Workshop ‘Design your own campaign’

You will explore graphic design as a tool for personal positioning and expression through different techniques (screen printing, engraving, risography, lettering...).

Day 2

Workshop ‘Hack your surroundings’

You will be able to question the aesthetic function of everyday objects and spaces, providing creative and disruptive solutions to improve them.

Day 3

Workshop ‘Bioplastic: Material as shape’

Creative workshop in which you will learn about and experiment with a 100% biodegradable material, bioplastic; a material that allows us to create and adapt any shape or element to design new objects and improve their function.

Day 4

Workshop ‘Track your body’

Workshop in which you will work with Motion Capture to obtain data through movement in space. Discover this new technology that allows you to express yourself in an unusual way, as well as to precisely control human movements.

Day 5

Final presentation of all projects and workshops

Sharing of the results and explanation of the work process and the conclusions reached after four days of workshops.