Elisava students present the project ‘Sillas en la calle’ in collaboration with IKEA  

More than 200 students of the Degree in Design and Innovation present the open-air exhibition ‘Sillas en la calle’ (Chairs on the street) at La Rambla of Barcelona, in collaboration with IKEA. This collaboration between Elisava and the furniture and decorations Swedish brand has been carried out through an academic project in the framework of the subject ‘Fundamentals of Product Design’, in the first year of the Degree in Design.

Students received an assignment from IKEA members, that challenged them to reinterpret the IVAR chair, one of the company’s most iconic products.

The project consists of modifying the shape or use of this chair with the aim of improving, adding, substituting, or questioning some aspects of design considering a series of conditions, such as maintaining it as a seat that can be disassembled and has only a series of recycled materials added.


The exhibition at La Rambla is made to share the results with other students and teachers, neighbours from the district, and any passer-by, to generate a dialogue with the city of Barcelona and d democratise the culture of design.

In Elisava, we promote the potential of collaborations between university and companies, like IKEA, to make an impact in the market and society. Together with companies, institutions, and NGOs we explore innovative proposals and experiment with different ways of working that bring the students closer to the business world and its reality.