Elisava Research presents the Research Report 2020

10 Nov 2021
Anual Report 2020

Elisava Research’s team presents the Elisava Research, a report in which they explore the projects carried out over the past year, with the aim of inspiring, educating, instigating change and shaking the system.

Formed by design and engineering professionals, the university’s research team is organized into 3 research laboratories: Creative Think & Do Tank, Materials & Well-being and Phygital Transformations. Together, they explore the fundamental challenges we face as 21st century individuals.

Its aim is to create spaces for conversation with other disciplines in order to bring new transformations in line with the current agenda. The projects show new practical frameworks that researchers have developed in collaboration with companies, both nationally and internationally, and also with European public projects, always looking for creativity and innovation as essential means to provide a more empathetic perspective.

Some topics of exploration featured are the future of hospitals, the potential of the circular economy or the future of mobility, among others. The report contains all the projects carried out with a brief explanation of the research process.

The Research Report 2020 is an initiative that aims to convey the importance of research in design and engineering. A work that the Elisava Research team believes needs to be adopted by both teachers and companies, the European Commission and, finally, society in order to build a better future.