Elisava promotes a meeting between deep tech sector start-ups and the university environment

30 Jun 2022
First meeting between start-ups and deep-tech, ventures and Elisava

Elisava has organized the first Peek Lunch, a meeting between deep tech start-ups and the university environment in the field of design. Organized by the faculty’s Department of Academia and Business Relations, the initiative has been born with the aim of reinforcing several inherent objectives to Elisava:

  • To generate knowledge through research.
  • To transmit knowledge through the academic environment and collaborations with the environment.
  • To have an impact on society by providing a service to its business and institutional fabric.

In this sense, this Peek Lunch, moderated by Cristina Taverner, aims to deepen in Elisava’s usual and constant labour in collaboration with the business and institutional world, and to understand firsthand how companies think, act and what their needs are.

To this end, the event included a lunch and an exchange of opinions on a series of questions, such as, for example, what start-ups understand by design and what knowledge they believe they should have obtained in their respective university studies. They also addressed issues such as Elisava’s possible contribution to the value of these types of initiatives and companies.

Various Elisava representatives have participated in the event:
  • Jordi Conejos, President of The Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària
  • Ramón Benedito, Ex-president of The Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària
  • Carlos Velázquez, Patron of The Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària
  • Javier Peña, General Director and Scientific Director of The Fundació Privada Elisava Escola Universitària
These have been the representatives of the participating Start-ups:
  • Laura Lizama, Biomedical engineer at Heecap

Heecap offers an innovative solution to keeping the diaphragm active for patients on mechanical ventilation (MV) in ICUs. It works through transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the diaphragm (TEDS), a non-invasive treatment that accelerates patient recovery.

  • Alfons Carnicero, Industrial engineer at Able Human Motion

They design, develop and market exoskeleton technology to empower people with disabilities, providing them with improved mobility and greater independence.

  • Jordi Ferré, Sports physiologist at Kamleon

A science-based start-up in its initial stages developing user-centred technologies that aim to potentiate a healthier and happier life by democratising the control of wellbeing: “Everywhere, anywhere”.

  • Claudio Roscini (Chemist) y Aleix Carrascul (Biotechnologist) at Future Chromes

Technological start-up B2B created in 2014, which aims to develop fast-response photochromic products and devices based on nanotechnology.

  • Jaume Suriaca, Pilot at ONAerospace

Aerospace start-up that is creating an eVtol, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. Its initial function will be to provide emergency medical services and in later phases it could be used for other services.

  • Adrián Martín, Computer engineer at Bronze

Marketer company of the first smart toaster with browning detection to prevent burnt toast.