Elisava presents ‘Gift Collection: Craftmanship and fun objects’, a project in collaboration with MUJI

‘Gift Collection: Craftmanship and fun objects’ is the new project by Elisava in collaboration with the Japanese company MUJI. Starting on February 12, students of the Degree in Design and Innovation are suggested to think a collection of gift objects and its pack for the home and that, through playing, a relationship beyond its form and function is established.

The structure of ‘Gift Collection’ is divided into three thematic blocks where conceptualisation, definition, and prototyping of a piece for the domestic environment will be seen. Also, students will work with documentation, image design, the designer as an art director, key elements for the publishing of the collection, and the packaging of the product.

The main goal of the project is to bring closer, share, and communicate the value of the artisan’s figure as a key element between design and the industry, in collaboration with MUJI and professionals who work with some materials. Moreover, the project is directed by Luis Eslava, Raul Goñi, Guim Espelt, and Francesc Ribot, teachers at Elisava.