Elisava Plus



It is a training complement of the Degree that offers learning experiences to enhance projects in future scenarios in collaboration with companies and institutions of international reference. 

Elisava+ mixes theoretical contents (lectures, presentations) with practical experiences (visits, creative stage and workshops) with the aim of increasing the creative and technological capacities of undergraduate students and promoting connections in high quality environments. 

The programme is based on three modules, carried out at the end of each quarter of the course, which generate relevant learning experiences:

  • One-week workshop at the School
  • One-week workshop in a local creative or technological centre
  • Two weeks workshop in an international creative or technological centre
  • Coordinator/director of the programme: Xavi Mora/Ramon Llonch
  • Objectives: 
    • To know design contexts with specific requirements of materials, resources and tradition.
    • To connect human, material and natural heritage with innovation through creativity.
    • To define innovation projects through an interdisciplinary approach to global thematic areas, treated from a local work setting. Several places where one can explore suggestive and particular realities.
  • Content: Material culture, territory, network, context, new social and economic models.

One-week workshop linked to Experimenta! or to the Creative Marathon (10-21 December)

Activity with tutors and companies focused on manual techniques.

Local. Escola de Ceràmica de La Bisbal (18-29 March 2019)

One-week stage organized by Xavier Mora, Elisava Alumni and founder of the BAG Disseny studio.

La Escola de Ceràmica de La Bisbal is located in a privileged environment in the Empordá, where it is possible to live a transcendental experience at a creative level, working with artisans and experts in traditional materials and techniques, as well as at a human level, in a context that accompanies Reflection and pure creativity.

At it is a place away from cities and in touch with nature where participants can coexist in a state of partial isolation sharing common experiences during the five days of this activity. 

International. Senegal (1-12 July 2019)

Two-week stage organized by Ramon Llonch, founder of the Route Artlantique. 

Senegal is a focal point for creativity in West Africa where ancestral knowledge and techniques coexist with the most current concerns. The route between Saint Louis and Casamance will put the participants in contact with local designers, artisans and communities with global relevance.

  • Discover the potential of African Creativity.
  • Build a permanent bridge of communication using the common language of creativity.
  • Understand how globalization may have reduced distances but not yet differences.
  • Assume the nomadism as a fundamental point of future jobs.
  • Participate in a lifetime experience.
  • Challenge the boundaries of design, culture and production.

Program includes visits to local designers’ and artists’ workshops in Senegal, including wood, textiles, batik, jewelry…

On the basis of the knowledge of the tools and processes linked to each designer, and the understanding of context and people, students will develop several projects.

3 YEARLY ACTIVITIES: Weeks 11 and12 of each quarter of Elisava's Degrees


12 ECTS (120 classroom hours)

  • Workshop: 20 classroom hours. 4 days
  • La Bisbal: 30 classroom hours. 6 days 
  • Senegal: 70 classroom hours. 12 days

PRICE: 2.400 €

  • Includes teaching, accommodation and stay in Senegal and La Bisbal.
  • Does not include flight to Senegal.

CONTACT EMAIL: lsaez@elisava.net

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