Elisava and Nespresso unite design and sustainability to enhance coffee tasting

Elisava and Nespresso have carried out a collaborative project for the creation of a functional object from the aluminum of the recycled capsules of the brand, which will also improve the sensory experience of coffee tasting.

This project has been carried out through Elisava’s Innovation Lab with a team of 11 students from the Master’s Degree in Product Design, the Degree in Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering.

After more than a year of work with different phases of ideation, prototyping, development, casting and machining of aluminum with the aim of manufacturing an object that would respond to the requirements of the project, the result is a coffee tasting set that seeks to improve the sensory experience during tasting.

At Elisava we incorporate sustainability and circular economy as basic principles of the school, in all training programs and in the projects developed by the students. The school promotes multidisciplinary research and the generation of knowledge to impact society, establishing synergies with companies, institutions, non-profit organizations and universities around the world.

Pieces designed for the coffee tasting ritual

Elisava’s team has worked on the design and development of three pieces that allow to immerse in the barista’s ritual and sensory experience, enhancing the coffee tasting process. A game created to smell, experience and taste the aromas and textures, enriching the moment of consumption.

Under the name of Lirio, the first piece of the set is ergonomically designed to bring aromatic notes to the sense of smell with the objective of evoking the origin of coffee. The second piece, Tallo, is the result of the transformation of the traditional tasting spoon while maintaining its peculiarities that allow the coffee to be tasted like a professional barista. Finally, Colora is presented as the final piece with which, thanks to its spiral shape, ingredients can be added to the cup of coffee, integrating the aromas with the natural oils to enrich the tasting.

Professors: Luis Eslava, Cristina Taverner, Raquel Llaberia, José F. López Aguilar.

Students: Miquel Pérez, Rubén García, Beth Pujol, Gemma Sanchíz, Jone Aranzabal, Júlia Martínez, Oriol Torra Maria Solans, Lilia García, Cristina Tomás, Marta Rubio, Marco Gesualdo.