Elisava and Farside make a collaboration deal to make strategic consultancy and start-up creation projects

17 Nov 2023
Elisava, Farside y ATOM.

*In the photo above, Elisava, Farside and ATOM.

Elisava and Farside Ventures, a venture builder of advanced technologies for mature industries, have signed a collaboration agreement to strengthen the business development of Elisava student projects, from its ideation and creation to its arrival to the market.

The agreement between Elisava and Farside Ventures will allow a bidirectional transference of strategic consultancy services, companies and start-ups creation, fundraising, innovation and R+D, and knowledge exchange. The projects in which they will work are linked to technology, digitalization, sustainability, circular economy, well-being and wellness, interactive experiences, wearables, and smart textiles, amongst other areas.

The first project in which they collaborated is ATOM H2, a start-up whose purpose is to create more sustainable energy by using hydrogen. Anna Martin and Marcel Rovira, students of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, together with Lucas Vicén, student of the Degree in Chemical Engineering at IQS, are leading the initiative.

The project was the winner of the Imagin Planet Challenge in 2022, and students traveled to Silicon Valley to meet with experts in the sector to transform ATOM into a large-scale viable product. This year, they also received the IF Design Students Award, an international event that recognizes the best projects made by students around the world.


“We are very happy to have this opportunity, it means a further step in our project. Working with Farside will allow us to develop and implement our disruptive technology to make an impact in the industry over the following years”, claim Anna Martin and Marcel Rovira.

“One of Elisava’s main objectives is the transfer of knowledge between university and civil society. As a design and engineering school, we have the great responsibility to create projects that make a more sustainable world, and being able to walk with students like Marcel and Anna fills us with pride.”, states Javier Peña, General Director of Elisava.

“Farside Ventures is actively involved in ideation, validation, and scalability of opportunities, and accompanies entrepreneurs during every evolution phase of start-ups. Collaborating with universities like Elisava is part of our strategy to help transform technology and talent into business realities that have a long way to go in the market”, highlights Rafael García, CEO of Farside Ventures.