Elisava Alumni

If you are looking for a job, the Elisava Alumni Job Exchange publishes nearly 300 job offers related to the disciplines taught at the school every year.

As a master’s and postgraduate student, you will be part of this network with the aim of creating and nurturing a community that becomes a space for the exchange of knowledge, relationships, opportunities, inspiration and advantages in the fields of design, engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation, both locally and internationally.

Elisava Alumni will register you as a member when you have enrolled in your master’s or postgraduate programme so that you can start enjoying all the benefits and activities. Elisava Alumni:

  • Generates opportunities and inspiration for our professional community.
  • Connects students, Alumni, teachers, companies, universities and the environment for their professional and personal development.
  • Encourages networking, the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of opportunities.
Elisava Alumni Talent Networking