Design for Additive Manufacturing

We scope new ways of making artistic fantasies reality while expanding your knowledge about new disruptive production tools

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We scope new ways of making artistic fantasies reality while expanding your knowledge about new disruptive production tools


Roman Reiner and Pilar Soriano

Duration // Timetable

July 2022 (TBC)






Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Conventionally, creativity and innovation are limited by the possibilities of traditional production methods.
But in the recent years, new technologies have disrupted the approaches of design.

As part of this summer school, we scope new ways of making esthetic innovations reality while expanding your knowledge about new production tools. You will understand the advantages of the different Additive Manufacturing technologies and practically learn to use their full potential through design. Enable your company to design sustainably for the future instead of redesigning the past.

  • To know about the capabilities of modern production technologies
  • To understand and apply the iterative design process on Additive Manufacturing to move faster to market introduction
  • Planning and structuring of your creative project
  • Creation and managing of added value
  • To open your mind and design limitless, sustainable and use the full potential of Additive Manufacturing through design
  • To choose which design, material, finish and additive manufacturing approach to use for your innovative projects

Hands-on project development: Creating your own artistic design for Additive Manufacturing by using real life models and inspirations. Production preparation and manual post- processing of your design. Visits of companies using different Additive Manufacturing successfully in Barcelona.

This course is carried out at Elisava classrooms and laboratories, together with visits to the AureoBCN AM production facility and post processing specialists in Barcelona.

The program consists of 3 blocks:

  1. Opening the mind with different creativity techniques for Additive Manufacturing, diving into the different Additive Manufacturing technologies and their advantages and learning about successful market applications.
  2. Hands-on design for Additive Manufacturing with tutoring and build job preparation for printing with the Selective Laser Sintering Technologie. Printing and manual post processing of your design.
  3. Visits to AureoBCN and post processing specialists to experience the production processes, facilities, machines and different post processing stages.

Roman Reiner
Graduated in International Production Engineering and Management from Friedrich-Alexander University (Erlangen, Germany). Early specialized in design for Additive Manufacturing and worked at EOS GMBH (Munich, Germany) consulting international companies of different industries. He became an independent designer and consultant to help companies and other artists use the full potential and freedom of Additive Manufacturing through design. More info:

Pilar Soriano
Elisava graduate in Engineering of Industrial Design and specialized in product design for Additive Manufacturing. Educated in Additive Manufacturing by EOS GMBH (Munich, Germany). Currently running the Design and Additive Manufacturing department, ÁUREOBCN at FORPAL S.L. More info:

Artists and product, interior and fashion designers open to creating outside the box.
Basic knowledge of 3D design is required.

Laptop with 3D design software of your choosing (Free Softwares: Blender, FreeCAD, OnShape).


Elisava students have a special discount of 25% of the price in the following programmes: ‘Creación y Renderizado de Objetos y Espacios’ and ‘Las Herramientas del Diseñador Gráfico: Crea, Retoca y Presenta con Suite Adobe’.

The students of the summer course ‘Sustainable Materials for Design’ who decide to take the ‘Master’s Degree in Design through New Materials’ will have a discount corresponding to the amount of the summer course in the master’s price.

Discounts before 15 April *

Participation in a course: 100% of the course price is paid.
Participation in two courses: 100% of the first course is paid and the second course has a 15% discount.
Participation in three or more courses: 100% of the first course is paid, the second course has a 15% discount and the third and subsequent courses have a 20% discount.

Discounts for Alumni Bold *

Participation in a course: 15% Alumni Bold discount
Participation in two courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount on the first course and 20% discount on the second course.
Participation in three or more courses: 15% Alumni Bold discount in the first course, 20% discount in the second and third courses and 25% discount in the following courses.

* All discounts will correspond to the amount of the course with the lowest value.

From April 16, only the standard 15% discount will apply for Alumni Bold.

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