Programa de Estudios Simultáneos

Simultaneous Studies

The Degree in Design and Innovation and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering make up a space for interaction between creativity and technology in which creative competences and technical preparation provide each other with feedback.

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We offer you the possibility of taking the Simultaneous Studies Program that allows you to obtain both degrees in 6 years. Starting your studies with either of the two Degrees (Degree in Design and Innovation and Degree in Industrial Design Engineering), from the third year you can simultaneously take subjects from the other degree and combine the two studies. This is a unique and necessary proposal, especially valuable in a world in which it is increasingly important to have a holistic profile that addresses design and engineering projects globally.

Being part of this 480 ECTS credits program gives you the opportunity to develop a more complete and transversal profile, resulting from the value generated by the coexistence of design and engineering in the same space. Because, for us, the union of creativity and technology in the design and engineering process is the key to dialogue in a multidisciplinary way, not only with industry but also with institutions and entities.

*The offer of this Simultaneous Studies Program is pending the formal approval of the recognition tables between both degrees by AQU Catalunya and the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya.

Specialization and mentions

If you start studying the Degree in Design and Innovation (Product Design Mention), from the third year onwards you can start the Simultaneous Studies Program by also taking subjects from the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering (Design and Materials Mention).

In the same way, you can take this program vice versa: starting your studies in the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering (Design and Materials Mention) and taking the Product Design Mention of the Degree in Design and Innovation from the third year onwards.