Theater Group


Elisava’s theater group was founded in 2006 with the aim of channelling all the creativity created at the design school through theatre, from the interpretation to the design of the set and the graphic image.

Since its inception, the group offers training to all those students interested in interpretation and lovers of stories who have reflection and self-criticism.

How does it work?

The training offered by the theatre group is divided into two phases: theatre course and creation of a play.

 1. Theatre course

The theatre course (first academic quarter) proposes a set of ten sessions, usually on Friday afternoons. Each session is composed of a movement class, a vocal technique and an interpretation class. A particularity of this course is the mixture of levels: the exercises are varied so that the students themselves can repeat the course year after year and, in a certain way, also act as teachers for the students who start.

 2. Creation of a play

During the Christmas holidays, the team of teachers creates a play where all the actors and actresses who have done the theatre course can participate. This play begins to be rehearsed, in small groups, in January, and the schedules are negotiated every week with certain flexibility and with an estimated dedication of about three hours a week. This dedication increases in April, where in addition to the weekly essay, it is necessary to book Saturdays. The goal is to premiere the play on the first week of May, so as not to interfere too much with the academic calendar.

The theatre group also contemplates and cultivates the participation of students who do not want to perform but are willing to take part in the group’s activities. The areas of set design or costume design allow participation with very variable levels of involvement.

This intense period of essays culminates with the performances of the play, usually four, during the month of May.

Who can take part?

The theatre group is a free activity open to the entire Elisava community: undergraduate, masters and postgraduate students, professors and PAS.

How do i join the group?

The admissions period is opened in mid-October every year with a presentation session of the course. If you want more information about the next course send an email with your contact details to 


Direction and dramaturgy
Mònica Molins

Interpretation teachers
Mònica Molins and Núria Gironès

Movement teacher
Marina Cardona

Voice teacher
Ona Pla

Master in Stage Design
Tutors: Sebas Brosa and Mireia Cusó

Construction teacher
Elisenda Pérez

Technical boss
Guillem Rodríguez

Joan Yago

Other members of the theatre group are Ferran Utzet, Joan Yago, Israel Sola, Txus Martinez, Mizar Martínez and Marghe Bergamo.