Elisava Circular

What we do

The climate emergency is no longer a future issue, it is a real emergency that we must address now. As a design school we have a great burden of responsibility. We are committed to change and we want to lead by example in our daily lives. To this end, we have created the Elisava Circular committee with the aim of reducing the School's ecological footprint.

These are the first actions we have taken:

  • We have removed the plastic bottles from the cafeteria and we have replaced it with returnable glass bottles.
  • We have installed new drinking water fountains on all the floors of the School, including the cafeteria, so that you can refill any container or bottle.
  • Second Life Material Corner: as you may have seen, we have set up an area next to the Students' Room to put any leftover materials that you no longer need so that other students can reuse them in their projects. In this same space you can find a battery recycling container.
  • Plastic recycling containers on the two terraces (floors 1 and 3).
  • Reduction in paper use and use of 4.0 recycled paper throughout the School, which reduces logging, water and electricity consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions. 

This effort will only make sense if we all make it together. If you have any ideas, suggestions or proposals, please write to circular@elisava.net. 

Who we are

Claire Dubus (cdubus@elisava.net)

Salva Fábregas (sfabregas@elisava.net)

Attassa Cabrera (acabrerap@elisava.net)

Joaquim Matutano (jmatutano@elisava.net)

Carla Casas (ccasas@elisava.net)

Irene Domínguez (representative of the students of the Undergraduate Degree in Design)

Jonas Escudero (representative of the students of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering)

Sergio García Boguña (representative of the students of the Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Design Engineering)