Cor 4 18


Cor 4 18 was founded in 2015 and currently consists of a total of 40 members between 17 and 55 years old, under the direction of Toni Solé, singing teacher and director of different choral formations and singer of the band Allioli Versions.

4 18 is an innovative, dynamic, energetic and positive group committed to a work culture, discipline, effort and camaraderie. It is a group that is always willing to take on challenges and grow.

Since its creation, the choir has performed at various events organised by Elisava (such as the Graduation Acts, the Christmas concert or the Design Does Forum) but has also participated in many private and charitable concerts.

One of the most outstanding moments of the choir is in 2015, when the choir decides to introduce itself to the third edition of the TV3 program "Oh Happy Day" where it was selected along with 19 other groups among the 45 candidates summoned.

Why 4 18?

4 18 is a colour of the Pantone range, a dark grey that arises from the sum of all the colours that make up the chorus; a representation of the heterogeneity of its members and the diversity of disciplines and personalities that make it up.

Who can take part?

The Cor 4 18 is a free activity open to the entire Elisava community: undergraduate, Masters and Postgraduate students, professors and PAS.

How can i join the choir?

If you want to join the choir send an email to